Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

Winter is here and while it’s looking like we will be having a white Christmas,  the beauty of winter comes with cold fingers, frozen toes, and red noses. There is nothing worse then walking out to your car and stepping in a mound of snow or slush resulting in a wet, freezing foot all day. The best thing for your feet and your sanity is to invest in quality snow boots that you can wear outside to protect your piggy’s. Yes, your “street style” may suffer a bit, but you can always bring your fashionable kicks with you and change your footwear when you get on solid, dry ground. There is just no use in struggling through the winter with cold feet and a sad face all day. Here are a few options to invest in this winter:
The North Face “Snotropolis”
American Eagle “Cozy Boot”
UGG “Teneya”

The North Face “Thermoball Roll down Boot”


Khombu “Maya Cold Weather Faux-Fur Booties”


Sperry Top- Sider “Pelican Rain Boot” with liners

sperry boot

There are lots of Christmas sales this time of year and it is the perfect time to get some boots for a steal. Share your winter boots on our Facebook page. We want to see your snowy style!

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Do you have a favorite pair of boots? What are your tips to get though the cold winter? Tell us here or on our Facebook page!

4 Ways to Beat the Heat!


Image from “favim.com

With temps above 90, and the instant fro you get when you step out the door, its safe to say we are literally in the heat of summer. The muggy air, the lethargic energy, the thirst! Not only can it do all that, heat can lead to oily faces, clinging clothes, and crabby attitudes. As much as we would all love to walk around in a bikini all day, sometimes that’s just not practical 😉 Here are four ways to make your days, mood, and style more comfortable in the summer steam.

1. Choose to wear clothing that is made in lightweight fabrics. Cotton, rayon, and linen are good choices and their breath-ability will keep you cool while avoiding embarrassing sweat marks.

2. Sunglasses are always a fun accessory and a constant squint is unattractive and causes wrinkles. Protect your eyes and add flair to your look with the perfect pair. For the proper protection of your peepers, ensure your sunnies offer the following:

-They should be able to block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB light.
-They should cover not only your delicate lids but the surrounding areas. The more protection the better.
-To eliminate glare, make sure your lenses are polarized. This will help while driving and can prevent headaches or migraines.

3. Avoid heavy accessories. Of course our personal style should not suffer because of a few extra degrees. You can still separate your look and keep your accessories light. A simple bracelet, a lightweight necklace, a sunhat. 😉 Any of these will do the trick; and you can always make a statement with some knockout espadrilles or patterned sandals. Here is a cool tutorial from Flamingo Toes on how to update your summer sandals. What a great project to keep cool for a few hours… or more.

Image from " Water INTERface"

Image from ” Water INTERface”

4. Water water water!!! Yes yes yes, I know its annoying to have to drink so much extra, but it is SO important to keep hydrated in the excessive heat. Suck it up and deal with the fact that you will be going to the bathroom an obnoxious amount of time. Your body, skin, and head will thank you.

We hope you are able to beat the heat using some of these tips. Let us know your fashion choices for hot weather, and a bikini doesn’t count 😉 Make sure to check out our Pinterest for more summer style.

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