Tis the Season for a Christmas in Washington

“It’s that time of year

When the world falls in love

Every song you hear seems to say

Merry Christmas, may your new years dream come true”

It’s that time of year again. In case you haven’t noticed, Starbucks has busted out their red Holiday cups and eggnog lattes, the unofficial “official” signifiers of the beginning of the Holiday season. Downtown Seattle, Macy’s has suspended their beloved Holiday Star on the corner of 4th and Pine and Westlake Plaza is cleaning the sidewalk in anticipation of the Holiday Carousel. Throughout the city you can see city workers perched on ladders stringing lights around trees trunks and storefront awnings. I even spotted a few handmade paper snowflakes taped to the windows of an apartment building.

Yes, the holidays are truly upon us and if you live in Washington State and love Christmas time as much I do, you’ll be thrilled to know there are some awesome events taking place this season. You will also be thrilled to know that I have put together 5 solid wardrobe ideas that are perfectly appropriate for these yuletide events.

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Rock out at an Orchestra of the Trans-Siberian variety. November 22nd (Key Arena)



2. The Nutcracker

Allow yourself to be swept away as a classic children’s tale is expressed through dance. Produced by the Pacific Northwest Ballet. November 28th thru December 7th (McCaw Hall)

night at the nutcracker


3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Put down the book and look up to the stage! Enjoy Dr. Seuss’s beloved holiday tale about a grumpy green grinch who comes to learn the true meaning of Christmas. December 2nd thru December 7th (Paramount Theatre)



4. Christmas Lighting Festival

Enjoy the magic of Christmas lights in a quaint german town surrounded by snow covered mountains. Every weekend in December (Leavenworth, WA)



5. Indulgence

Ring in the New Year with fireworks and fashion downtown Seattle. December 31st (Experience Music Project)

new year look



It’s definitely a magical time of year! Full of lights, music and excitement. It is also a time to remember and rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to earth to save us all! If that’s not something to get excited about, I don’t know what is!

Give generously, love unabashedly and be merry to all! Rejoice and enjoy everything this season has to offer!




The Halloween Countdown….Are you ready?

Alrighty folks! It’s almost here! It’s the holiday that promotes costumes, candy and camaraderie (and eventually cavities). That’s right- it’s HALLOWEEN! YAY!


I think he thinks he’s Ironman

I love Halloween! Not only is it a free pass to gorge myself with Hershey kisses and Reese’s cups, but I get hang out with my friends in super cool costumes! Anyone who knows me will also know that I love dressing up (my motto: If you’re well-dressed, you’re at your best!) , and Halloween is no exception. Every October I spend hours sprawled out on my bedroom floor, sewing on beads or attaching fur to some fanciful creation that will evolve into an awesome Halloween costume. This year I have been hot-glueing a ton of sequins and fur trim (but I can’t tell you what my costume is- it’s a surprise). Hopefully, you’ve started working on your Halloween costume as well- if not, you still have time to come up with something awesome. Make your own costume or buy a pre-made outfit at a costume shop or Spirit Superstore. Don’t wait till Friday at 5pm to make a costume for the party you’re going to at 7pm. Don’t be this guy.

The Butterfly in the Emerald City

The Emerald City

The Emerald City

Hello Friends! I recently made the exciting move to Seattle, that beautiful emerald city surrounded by majestic mountains, unending greenery and vast shimmering waters.  I grew up near this city and have always called it my home even when my address told me otherwise. I often compare my life to that of Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz; Dorothy traveled far and saw many strange things, but always had her eyes set on the Emerald City. Within that glimmering metropolis lay the answer in how to get back home. Much like Dorothy, I have traveled far and wide, seen many strange things and made many an interesting friend, but Seattle always held the answer in how to go home. So, just as Dorothy finally made it back to Kansas, Morgan has finally made it back to Washington. HOORAY! (Also as a side note, I have a dog that looks exactly like Toto…but his name is Petey).

Now that I am fortunate enough to call the greater Seattle area my home once more, I thought I would do some digging into what Seattle has to offer in regards to fashion and fashion designers. Much like any vibrant city, the downtown area has many high-end stores like Coach, Louis Vuitton and my personal favorite, Nordstrom.  But those other cities don’t have Luly Yang.

Born in Taiwan and transplanted to Seattle as a little girl, Luly studied graphic design at the University of Washington and later took a job at an architectural firm. While working at the firm, she participated in a graphical design contest that required the participants to design a garment made of paper. Her entree was a garment patterned after that of a monarch butterfly, complete with a skirt made of wings.

the famous monarch butterfly dress

the famous monarch butterfly dress

Her butterfly creation made Luly realize her true passion; fashion and high couture.  Since making that famous monarch butterfly dress, Luly Yang has expanded her career in fashion design by providing the women of Seattle with custom-made couture that exudes grandeur and sophistication, and maybe a pinch of whimsy. In sharp contrast to the notorious grunge look for which Seattle is known, Luly’s vibrant collections pay homage to the female form and highlights the qualities that make that form so unique. Her custom-made couture gowns and dresses display the range of female attributes in the form of beautifully constructed fabric; innocent, playful, sweet, daring, sensual, dangerous….all of these can be found within her designs. Luly recently partnered with the Fairmont Olympic Hotel where prospective brides and grooms can purchase a event package that not only includes a fabulous venue, but one of Luly’s breathtaking couture gowns. What bride wouldn’t be thrilled to wear a gown designed by a woman who has won the award for Best Custom Dress Designer in the Seattle Bride Magazine seven years in a row?  The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is so excited to have Luly as part of their “Say Yes, and Get the Dress” campaign that they have filled their wall to ceiling front windows with her beautiful designs. I saw them this weekend as I drove through the city; thank goodness I wasn’t driving because I would have surely rear-ended the person in front of me. They were that beautiful.

Luly surrounded by her couture creations

Luly surrounded by her couture creations

I have by no means done justice to the true beauty and master craftsmanship of her work…..I often feel that the proper words I am searching for either don’t exist or my mastery of the english language is sadly lacking. So I can only encourage you to visit her website at lulyyang.com. Or visit  her boutique in the Fairmont Olympic hotel if you happen to be in town. The Emerald City’s nice this time of year …especially now that this Dorothy has finally made it back to Kansas.

~ Morgan