Wear it to Work: Friday, June 13th. Day #5

witw friday

TGIF! Now I know I said one of the requirements to the WITW Challenge was no jeans…but that rule doesn’t have to extend to jean jackets (let’s just say I’m keeping in theme with casual Fridays). On the left is my outfit of the day- jean jacket, striped midi skirt and braided cord wedges. On the right is a ridiculous yellow rain poncho…which is really what I should be wearing since it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Oh well…a little rain never killed anybody.  And besides, ponchos and wedges just don’t go together.

Posh Pic of the Week: ft. Kristen

Posh Pic of the Week: ft. Kristen

Regardless of the drizzly Seattle weather, Kristen is letting her personal style shine. Check out the sophisticated (and totally comfortable) midi-length knitted skirt from Ann Taylor that she wore on Monday. And on Tuesday she rocked a fur vest and … Continue reading