“Fearfully and Wonderfully Made”

It seems these days peoples wardrobes are very diverse in style, taste, and trend. Anything goes!… really! It just doesn’t seem like much is “out of style.” You can put the word “Chic” at the end of any adjective, and it becomes a legit fashion. Grunge… “chic”. Nerdy… “chic.” Punk… “chic.” Sporty… “chic.” Disney “chic” (yes that’s a thing)… You get the idea. There is no one stand out trend, style, or fashion road (not to say that some looks don’t stand out :)). Here, at Lemonzest & Pearls, we are all about finding your own personal style. This idea of “anything goes” is GREAT  for us. Wearing what YOU love will emphasize the unique individual you were created to be.

“I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.” Psalm 139:14

Choose what YOU like and make your own “chic.” Instead of trying to conform to how magazines, movies, and celebrities tell you to dress, tap into how you WANT to dress. What makes you different from everyone else is your best asset. While times change, seasons change, and the “whats hot right now” changes, you can still incorporate your favorite pieces into wherever fashion is at the the time. Always keep your own twist on your wardrobe as fashion evolves and you try new trends.


Start shopping stores like H&M and Forever 21. They are two of the most popular stores out their right now because they have options, and are affordable. They have something for everybody! There are so many varieties of styles and looks, it brings attention to all kinds of individuals. The greatest thing about these stores is, you may walk in with a certain style in mind and find yourself exploring other trends and fashion ideas. This is were you can experiment and try out new looks without breaking the bank. These stores are inexpensive and full of possibilities.


So as you reflect on your favorite trends and styles, remember not to be fearful of creating your own “chic.” You were “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Who you are is unique, amazing, and purposeful. Embrace it! So start raiding  your closets and pulling out your favorite pieces! Treat your wardrobe as an expression of your unique taste and individuality. The best look to have is confidence in who you were made to be.

Have a Magical Day!


Designer Highlight: Marchesa

MarchesaCollage “I want to be a living work of art” ~Marchesa Luisa Casati

A living work of art. The center of attention. While few would ever have the tenacity to say it out loud, most women would love to be the most beautiful or interesting or original person in the room- to be a living breathing work of art. The Marchesa Luisa Casati was a woman who voiced her desire for beauty outright… that is why she is the perfect muse and namesake for a label that from needle and thread can create such works of living art: Marchesa

Still considered a young label, Marchesa has established itself among the designer elite.Fashion Marchesa Spring 2010 A coupling of two British designers, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig, Marchesa has taken the art of couture and evening wear design to a whole new level: transforming clothe into a work of art that drapes the female form and exudes elegance, femininity, regality and unearthly beauty.

While joint designer labels are not unheard of (Dolce & Gabbana, Proenza Schouler, Skaist Taylor), it is rare to see one comprised of two women where both designers are able to use their talents and skills in seamless harmony. Though both women are equally talented, Georgina Chapman is the more recognizable of the two after having been a judge on Project Runway: All Stars. Born and raised in London, Georgina originally modeled for shampoo and throat lozenge commercials. She graduated from Wimbledon School of Art in 2001 and began a career in costume design where she specialized in draping.  marchesadesignersThe lesser known but equally talented Keren Craig was born in Switzerland and raised in London, where she met Georgina while both were attending Chelsea College of Art and design. Specializing in textiles with concentrations on embroidery, Keren did freelance work for high-end fashion labels before launching Marchesa with Georgina in 2004.  Keren’s skill for fabric design paired with Georgina’s knack for draping landed the two budding designers plenty of investors and by 2006 Marchesa was named one of the top ten finalists of the Vogue Fashion Fund. Since it’s origin in 2004, Marchesa has been worn by countless celebrities and royals (most notable being Kate Middleton) and is fast becoming one of the leading bridal and couture lines in the fashion industry. In terms of style, the designs are ultra feminine and delicately beautiful;  with a distinct fairy/sprite-like quality it’s almost as if their gowns were constructed using the elements found in nature (flower petals, spider’s silk, frost covered leaves, mother of pearl). Every design that comes down the runway is uniquely detailed without being overdone and female form is glorified with every drape, tuck, ruffle and pleat.marchesa

Eager to reach women of every demographic, Georgina and Keren have expanded Marchesa beyond bridal and evening wear, and have opened their label to fragrance, dish ware and handbags. Georgina has even created a new line called Pearl that will be launched through JCPenny.

I think it’s safe to say that Marchesa is one of the all time best gown-designers of this century. Here’s looking to what they have in store for the year 2014!


New year, New you!

Christmas is over and it is less than a week until a brand new year! Everyone is reflecting on the year 2013 and planning their 2014 new years resolutions. While its great to set goals and expectations for the year to come, keep in mind that you can always be setting goals to improve upon yourself and your quality of life. Whether it is January 1st, April 22, or September 15th, you can aspire to be better any day, hour, or minute of the year!

Okay, enough of the pep talk…back to 2014 resolutions…

A common resolution is “get organized.” Many people set these types of goals in the beginning of the year in hope of a clean slate and a clear mind. Have you ever thought this would be the year? The year you find a “spot for everything!” I have thought that many times. I have tried to schedule my hours, conceal my clutter, and label my way into that “clean slate and clear mind.”


Ahhh… Clarity!

“Having a spot for everything” is a challenge indeed. Kudos to those of you whom have this “organization” thing down pat! For those of you who don’t (like myself), let us start by taking one room at a time. Since we all are fellow fashionistas, where else should we start than that closet? Lets take that first step in organizing by downsizing our wardrobes. Get ready to try on, make decisions, and reconnect with your back walls, bottoms of drawers, and maybe even your closet floor (depending on your “situation.”) Ready, set, GO!

This is cut throat people. Keep clear minded and stay unattached. Your closet should be filled with quality, not quantity. If your not using it, its wasting space and cluttering your mind and personal style. Take it out now by eliminating the pieces that make you feel awkward and you know don’t work for you. The less you have that doesn’t flatter your body, or make you feel comfortable, the less thinking and emotional stresses in the morning as you choose your look of the day. We all want to feel our best all of the time. However, it’s just not realistic that every style, size, and trend in your closet will work for you. No matter how much you want them to, they can’t all be winners. This is part of what makes you unique and your personal style, your personal style. Be honest with yourself despite your feelings, despite what you spent, and despite where you “think” you could wear it again. If you’re contemplating a piece, just let it go and move on. The less “fashion mistakes” you own, the less you will make.


“Clean slate, clear mind”

A few things to keep in mind as you are testing things out:

You should be able to breathe: If it is tight enough to cause a bulge, lack of air, or muffin top, it’s simply not your size. Accept it and understand that you will look much better when you dress in the proper size and fit for your body.

You should be able to sit down and stand up multiple times and not have to worry about a “whale tale” situation: It sometimes boggles my mind when people don’t realize their pants are “too low for comfort.” Especially in this cold weather, you would think they would feel a draft? Don’t be that person, its just awkward for everyone.

A little mystery never hurt anyone: Keep it reasonable. Busting out of your top is never attractive, and not everyone appreciates the ability to see down your blouse or up your skirt. It’s okay to bring a little sexy once in a while, but there is a time, place, occasion, and way to do it that doesn’t scream, “pay attention to me!” Be an example, and respect yourself. (Read: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T….. what does that mean to me?”)

After some hard decisions, a “throw out,” “donate,” and keep pile, your can step back and feel a little bit of weight lifted off your shoulders. It’s amazing what a little de-cluttering can do for your clarity and stress levels. Put your closet back together in a way that is maintainable for you. Whether that’s by color, by style, by type, hung, folded on shelf, or folded in a drawer, decide what your prefer and what you can sustain. Revisit your closet purging and organizing every season to keep it current and less of a task next year.

Here are a few ideas for you donate box. Make sure you are only donating items that are still in good condition and don’t look worn out or over-used.


Donate?…. Never!

Goodwill: There are many local drop off locations

Salvation Army: There are many local drop off locations.

Plato’s Closet: They will pay you for items that are in good condition.

DonateStuff.com: They will pick it up for you and drop it off at your chosen organization.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes below or on our facebook page!

Have a Magical Day!


Posh Pic of the Week: ft. Kristen

Posh Pic of the Week: ft. Kristen

Regardless of the drizzly Seattle weather, Kristen is letting her personal style shine. Check out the sophisticated (and totally comfortable) midi-length knitted skirt from Ann Taylor that she wore on Monday. And on Tuesday she rocked a fur vest and … Continue reading

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow…

Winter is here and while it’s looking like we will be having a white Christmas,  the beauty of winter comes with cold fingers, frozen toes, and red noses. There is nothing worse then walking out to your car and stepping in a mound of snow or slush resulting in a wet, freezing foot all day. The best thing for your feet and your sanity is to invest in quality snow boots that you can wear outside to protect your piggy’s. Yes, your “street style” may suffer a bit, but you can always bring your fashionable kicks with you and change your footwear when you get on solid, dry ground. There is just no use in struggling through the winter with cold feet and a sad face all day. Here are a few options to invest in this winter:
The North Face “Snotropolis”
American Eagle “Cozy Boot”
UGG “Teneya”

The North Face “Thermoball Roll down Boot”


Khombu “Maya Cold Weather Faux-Fur Booties”


Sperry Top- Sider “Pelican Rain Boot” with liners

sperry boot

There are lots of Christmas sales this time of year and it is the perfect time to get some boots for a steal. Share your winter boots on our Facebook page. We want to see your snowy style!

Have a Magical Day!


Do you have a favorite pair of boots? What are your tips to get though the cold winter? Tell us here or on our Facebook page!

Let’s Get Ready to Gobble!

We now have entered the season of family, food, and Thanksgiving. From now until the New Year we will be gathering, eating and enjoying holiday festivities with our loved ones. While your radio is probably already playing Christmas tunes and your local Macy’s looks like like the North Pole, there is still that special holiday in November that we sometimes tend to fly right through. Thanksgiving is right around the corner making tummies rumble all over the country.

Being the fashion forward individuals we are, the importance of presentation in everything is a given. The holidays are a prefect time to put your creativity and fashion sense to the test. Here are some tips on hosting a Thanksgiving that will be memorable for all your guests:

Dress the table: “Stoke the fire, break out the silver, wake the china.” Potts, Mrs. It’s only one (or two counting Christmas) days a year. Use your special plates, glasses and silverware and set the stage for that turkey centerpiece. You wouldn’t put on a play without lights, mics, and costumes would you? Napkins, rings, candles, a salad AND a dinner plate; they all make a boring table look great and “gather-able.”


Image from Metacafe.com

Fashion the Food: Like we stated above, presentation is everything. Even the worst cooks can make food look good. Take the extra step to garnish, toss and glaze. This will take your meal to the next level adding color and texture to your cornucopia of deliciousness. So grab your prettiest platters, salad bowls, and serving spoons.

Make memories: Add a special touch to your dinnertime. My mom has created a tradition at Thanksgiving that all in attendance have come to know. She sets a verse at every plate and before our meal, we will go around the table sharing our verse along with something we are thankful for. It is a nice time to reflect together on our blessings, and get everyone involved. Be creative and come up with something that everyone can partake in. It may seem awkward at first, but in the end you will only remember the special memories and moments of the time around the table.

An overall Holiday Hosting tip: Don’t just set the table, set the stage! Look through Pinterest, home décor magazines, and even store fronts for ideas on taking your table to the next level. There are loads of cute and creative ways to add a little something extra to the standard place setting. Check out some of these pins from Pinterest….


Image from Pinterest


Image from Pinterest


Image from Pinterest

See how those extra details make a big impact. Get some small pumpkins when you are at the super market getting your ingredients or ask your kids to search for the prettiest leaves while they are playing outside. These are elements of fall and will bring the warm textures, smells, and colors into your home for all to enjoy.

Share your creative ideas with us! Do you have any special Thanksgiving traditions? Tell us below or on our Facebook page. For more Holiday decorating ideas follow us on Pinterest.

Have a Magical Day!


“Cruella Deville, Cruella Deville….”

Cheetahs and Tigers and Bears O MY! Faux fur is here and hot this season adding texture, warmth, and Ooo La La to looks around the globe.

Cruella De Vil3

How can you get your paws on this wild trend? Well you don’t have to start scoping out the neighborhood pups for your favorite print Cruella! No no, your local mall or cozy couch and lap top will do the trick. Styles in brown, grey, black, white, blue, cheetah, tiger, zebra.. the list goes on and on. Whatever you choose, wear it with confidence! While it may seem like a step on the wild side, sporting a bit of fur will make you feel elegant, classy and perhaps a bit seductive. 😉

Look for a great fur jacket or vest. These pieces will add glamor to any look. Pair it with some skinny jeans or black leather leggings to keep proportional contrast. You could also wear it with a fitted dress or skirt. I wore my H&M fur vest with my Phillip Lim skirt from target and leopard booties:


If your looking for something more subtle, try a piece that has fur trim or is worn as an accessory. A cardigan trimmed with fur, gloves with a fur cuff, a fur hat or scarf. These are all fashion forward but not as overwhelming as a a leopard fur jacket or full length fur coat… Baby steps 😉

Go for something you are comfortable with but try stepping out of the box and adding at lest ONE thing furry to your wardrobe. Trust me, only good things can come of it 🙂

Here are some great stores you can seek out your furry finds:





Happy Shopping & Have a Magical Day!


Phillip Lim Designs a Collection for Target

Hey fashionistas! Want to get your hands on some great designer pieces? Clear your calendars for this Sunday September 15th when Phillip Lim’s affordable collection goes on sale in Target stores everywhere.

Ok so maybe you don’t need to clear the WHOLE day, but at least plan a few hours for you to sneak away and take a look at this special collection. The collaboration with Target and Phillip Lim gives you an opportunity to add some designer looks to your wardrobe at prices you’ll love! A match made in heaven if you ask me 🙂

Phillip Lim debuted his company 3.1 Phillip Lim in 2005 with a fall collection for women and hasn’t stopped wowing us since. Phillip is known for taking classic clothing up a notch or two. He adds extra details putting style and a fashionable edge into pieces that can often have a generic look. Beginning his line with women apparel, Lim soon expanded to menswear, children apparel, accessories, shoes and even eye-wear. His success had been fast and climbing. Phillip has taken his brand from a single women’s collection to more than 250 stores around the world.


Image from redcarpet-fashionawards.com

Target will be bringing Phillip Lim designs to their everyday shoppers with a line specifically created to be more affordable. Quality in chicness will not be lost however, there will be plenty of bold prints and colors mixed with classic and structured pieces. From sweaters and skirts, to trench coats and hand bags, it will all be at available at Target.

You may have seen the “BOOM” sweater already. It has been worn by celebrities like Jessica Alba and talked about in a lot of the fall fashion coverage the last few weeks. This “BOOM” sweater is already a hit; I am hoping to get my hands on one 🙂

jessica alba

Image from Fabsugar

So be sure to stop into Target and check out the looks from Phillip Lim. It is a great chance to purchase a few designer duds without having to sell your car, boat, diamond, first born child, etc… The stores will be starting sales on September 15, 2013. I am sure these pieces will be going fast so if you are interested, no dilly dallying. 😉

Have a Magical Day!