Spring Has Sprung

We have officially entered the season of rainy with a chance of sunshine! The season of cherry blossoms, chirping birds, and budding tulips. The season where we celebrate Easter egg hunts and Christ’s miraculous resurrection. This is a season to celebrate and be thankful.

This is the season to wear a dress.

Dresses are my favorite type of clothing. They’re easy, relatively comfortable and don’t require a lot of accessories. Add a cute pair of heels and you’re good to go.

The last time I inventoried there were close to 50 dresses hanging in my closet (many with the tags still on). I’d like to think that no matter the occasion I’ll have a dress that coordinates perfectly. Beach wedding? I have a dress for that. Symphony tickets? I have a dress for that. Late night ice cream run? I have a dress for that (complete with elastic waistband).

When it comes to the Holidays, especially Christmas and Easter, I always like to wear one of my special dresses.Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.59.58 AM You know what I mean… one of those dresses that make you feel beautiful, powerful, and feminine all at the same time. One of those dresses in which you feel you are your best self.

I love dresses and the feelings they inspire so much that I have searched the whole internet and found the perfect five to share with you! So if you don’t have an Easter dress just yet, allow me to help you. Here is a list of this spring’s loveliest dresses from some of our favorite brand names!

  1. Kate Spade Collared Fit and Flare Dress

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.31.44 AM

2) Loft Faraway Floral Dress

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.34.34 AM

3) Kendall + Kylie Cotton Eyelet Halter Dress

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.32.45 AM

4) Banana Republic Floral Strappy Dress

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.33.16 AM

5) Anthropologie Juliet Eyelet Dress

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.35.21 AM


Hope you enjoyed the list! Spring has sprung. You deserve a new dress.

Wedding Worries No more!

Spring and Summer are here and I’m sure many of your weekends are filling up with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and wedding after wedding. It is always a popular time of year to tie the knot, and while its all love and butterflies for the happy couple, the stress of what to wear can be overwhelming for us guests. No one wants to be “that girl” who shows up in a ball gown to the casual reception in the park 😉 Have no fear, I have broken down several different types of weddings from casual to white tie, and the attire you can wear to feel the love. ❤


Image from “One Fab Day

White or Black Tie: A white tie wedding is the most formal style, closely followed by a black tie affair. Tuxedos, cummberbunds and actual black ties, spiff up the attending men. Ladies can go all out in long evening gowns, fancy cocktail dresses, glamorous hair and makeup, and jewelry that sparkles. Here is your chance for a prom night redo… minus the awkward photo.

Formal: Formal weddings have a bit more flexibility. Men have the option of wearing a dark suit rather than a tuxedo, but a tuxedo is still acceptable and appreciated 🙂 Ladies, you still have the choice of a long evening gown or fancy cocktail dress, but can also get a way with a formal pantsuit. Frankly, I feel that you don’t always get the opportunity to dress like your going to the Oscars, so why not embrace the glamorous duds and leave the suit to your man. Go for the dress!

Semi-formal: Semi formal seems to be the most common dress code for weddings. Generally speaking, women wear cocktail style dresses with a length ranging from just above the knee to tea length. Fabrics like chiffon, silk, and satin are great choices for a semi formal wedding. If you want to do a longer skirt, go for a maxi style in a more casual fabric. Longer dresses tend to have more formal silhouettes and may be more appropriate for a formal or black tie function. Pantsuits are also acceptable choices.

Dressy Casual: Think your Sunday best! Men will be wearing nice pants with a button down shirt and tie, while the women will be dressed with a mix of elegant silhouettes in casual fabric or elegant fabric in more casual silhouettes. The idea of “dressy casual” is a total contradiction. Just keep that in mind as you decide what to wear. Balance your look with formal and casual characteristics and you’ll be good to go!

Casual: Spring and summer wedding are often more casual as many are outdoors.  These are great events for pretty floral prints and, for a casual occasion, fun summer dresses! A skirt or pants with a nice blouse is also acceptable. Men should wear nice pants paired with a button down shirt or even a polo. Linen fabrics are great choices for men.


Image from “Calluna Events

There are some things you should keep in mind no matter what style of wedding you are attending:

  1. For daytime weddings choose brighter colors or fun floral patterns. Evening weddings stick to dark tones and sparkly jewelry. Men should wear a dark suit for evening weddings and a lighter color in the daytime. Linen suits are great for outdoor casual weddings, especially beach weddings.
  2. Your little black dress is ok! In the past it was a fax paus to wear black to a wedding, but these days it is much more acceptable and a perfect piece if you are unsure of the dress code. You can never go wrong with a LBD.
  3. Never wear anything too short, sexy, or revealing. No one wants to be the wedding day hoe. Weddings are classy events that require poise and elegance.
  4. This may seem like a given but no t-shirts or blue jeans are to be worn to a wedding,
  5. NEVER EVER wear white….. just NO!
  6. If your mind is still not at ease with how to dress, take cues from the invitation. Sometimes the style of invitation says it all, even the wording expresses the type of wedding you should expect. A fancy embossed script would probably indicate a more formal wedding, while a beach or garden themed invite may be more casual. As far as the wording goes, if you feel like the Queen of England is asking you to tea…..dig out your prom dress. If you can read it with ease and feel a sense of normal speaking, its probably not a black tie thing 🙂

There you have it, a stress free guide to your wedding worries 😉 Remember to Dress, Style, and Separate as you choose your looks and you are sure to shine! (See “How to Dress in a Way the Says… Go You!”) Although we all want to feel and look our best, the most important thing to bring to a wedding is your love and support for the happy couple. They invited you to be part of their special day because they wanted you to be part of the celebration. Enjoy it!… and Go YOU!

Here are 30 summer wedding dresses picked by  POPSUGAR. Click here to shop 🙂

Have a Magical Day!


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How to Dress in a Way that Says …“Go You!”

According to the United States Census Bureau there are over 7 BILLION people in this world growing at a rate of one birth every 8 seconds and shrinking at rate of one death every 12 seconds. Out of all 7 billion and counting people, you are the only one with your unique qualities. God made us all to have different personalities, tastes, body types, interests, thoughts, dreams, goals etc. That’s what makes you so wonderful!

Fashion is a great tool to embrace your individuality. The way you dress is a direct reflection of who you are. Simply stepping out the door, walking into a room, or posting a picture on Facebook can say a lot about you, without saying anything at all. No pressure or anything…. 😉 I have put together three simple steps that you can implement in your closet everyday, keeping the stress away and staying true to yourself:

Step 1. Dress

Step 2. Style

Step 3. Separate

Below we take a look at these steps in term of  layers you can add to your basic top and bottom and put your best self-forward everyday with confidence:

Base: You are the base. (Hopefully you are at least wearing a top and a bottom piece 😉 )

Layer 1, “Dress”: Think of your outfit in terms of three. It is more than just a top and bottom, there is also a third piece involved.  A cardigan, a jacket, a belt etc. these pieces create dimension and a sense of thoughtfulness to your look. The simple addition of a third piece can takes you from being “Clothed,” to being “Dressed.”

Layer 2, “Style”: Add another layer. Bring in a WOW piece. A scarf, a necklace, a hat. The addition that can take your look from ordinary to extraordinary. This is what sets you apart from being “Dressed” to being “Styled.” If you get to this point everyday, your in it. This is what gives you an opportunity to create your personal style. Have fun experimenting with ways to wear scarves, and different types of jewelry. You have lots of room to play with various looks and styles. Some will be winners and others not so much. Every chance is worth taking because now you know something about your style that you didn’t before. Have fun and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Layer 3, “Separate”: In addition to the WOW pieces, layer three is all about details. The ring, the dangle earrings, the stack of bangles or a flower pin that you could add to your jacket or hair. These are the icing on the cake. There are many sylish details you can add to your outfit. You might add a necklace that matches the color of your shoes, and a ring that compliments your bracelet. Maybe the necklace comes with matching earrings and a bow for your hair and….. whoa there! Rein it in! Details are just that; details. They are not to be used to overtake the star of the show; you! Too much of a good thing can be bad, but just enough can make the perfect statement. Watch out for over accessorizing, but don’t be afraid to add details, just not ALL of them. Details allow you to separate your look from the crowd, show a unique personal style, and take your look from being “Styled” to being “Fashion Forward.”

Here’s another way to think about it. Take this couch as an example:

Base: Plain Jane, lets call this the blank canvas… the possibilities are endless!


This base couch is certainly a functional piece of furniture. It will do the job,  but feels a little cold and uninviting.

Layer 1: Lets throw a couple  pillows on that couch!

Layer 1

The pillows pull the couch together making the thought of a comfortable couch more complete. This is not a bad looking couch by any means…. I’d sit on it 🙂

Layer 2: Lets throw on a couple more!

Layer 2

Now we are starting to see some personality! The extra pillows add texture creating a theme and visual interest. Look how just the two extra pillows and the use of pattern make the couch feel  more warm and cozy.

Layer 4: One last touch.

layer 3

There’s that icing! The one piece that stylizes this couch giving it a voice. It now says something. It welcomes you to come join the party, snuggle up, bring the latest edition of Instyle,  some hot tea, and turn on your favorite tunes!

Whether its styling yourself or your living room, just adding a few simple pieces can make a big impact. It is important to embrace your individuality and show who you are. Putting the time and extra care into your style can give you a huge confidence boost preparing you to take on each day with a positive attitude and an extra skip in your step. When you look good…. you feel good. Being who you are on the inside and out is the best feeling 🙂 So go to your closets and start playing dress up! Dress, Style, Separate and start finding your personal style one outfit at at time.

Tell us what you think below or post to our Facebook page. Share your new ideas for looks, and tell us how you make your fashion choices each day; we can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a Magical Day!


Want to dig deeper? Look out for future posts on each concept with more detail and ideas.