“Cruella Deville, Cruella Deville….”

Cheetahs and Tigers and Bears O MY! Faux fur is here and hot this season adding texture, warmth, and Ooo La La to looks around the globe.

Cruella De Vil3

How can you get your paws on this wild trend? Well you don’t have to start scoping out the neighborhood pups for your favorite print Cruella! No no, your local mall or cozy couch and lap top will do the trick. Styles in brown, grey, black, white, blue, cheetah, tiger, zebra.. the list goes on and on. Whatever you choose, wear it with confidence! While it may seem like a step on the wild side, sporting a bit of fur will make you feel elegant, classy and perhaps a bit seductive. 😉

Look for a great fur jacket or vest. These pieces will add glamor to any look. Pair it with some skinny jeans or black leather leggings to keep proportional contrast. You could also wear it with a fitted dress or skirt. I wore my H&M fur vest with my Phillip Lim skirt from target and leopard booties:


If your looking for something more subtle, try a piece that has fur trim or is worn as an accessory. A cardigan trimmed with fur, gloves with a fur cuff, a fur hat or scarf. These are all fashion forward but not as overwhelming as a a leopard fur jacket or full length fur coat… Baby steps 😉

Go for something you are comfortable with but try stepping out of the box and adding at lest ONE thing furry to your wardrobe. Trust me, only good things can come of it 🙂

Here are some great stores you can seek out your furry finds:





Happy Shopping & Have a Magical Day!


NY Fashion Week is Underway!


Image from luxuryvacationsource.com

New York fashion week is in full swing! There will be lots to see on the catwalk this week and since we are not all going to be sitting front row smelling the sweat, here is a link where you can watch the runway live and keep up with whats happening:



Image from youmaybewandering.com

The NY shows will continue until September 12. Enjoy and tell us some of your favorite collections and designers!

Have a Magical Day!


Just Say “YES”

A recent conversation with a very wise friend reminded me the power and impact of the word “NO”. Two letters, one syllable, yet so powerful. The word is so definite, so abrupt, and extremely deflating. “NO” is simply overused.

When it comes to fashion, the only way to keep up is to say “YES.” How many times have you seen a new trend and thought, or said out loud, “I would NEVER wear that. What are these people thinking?” only to be buying into that same trend two months later because, oh ya it actually is cool. Been there. Sometimes we put our foot in our mouth when it comes to new styles because well, they are new and unfamiliar. As creatures of habit its what we do. New trends are always around the corner. Unless you want to turn in your “chic card,” you will need not judge and just try. What can it hurt? You may as well be ahead of the game so that when the others do catch up, they will see what you knew all along 😉 Invigorating right?

Here is a list of upcoming 2013 Fall trends to look out for and start thinking about saying “YES” to.

Image from "Glamour"

Image from “Glamour

Blue Shades: Mixing different shades of blue is a huge upcoming trend; so many shades, so little time!

Shiny Fabric: Metallic fabrics, glossy leather, and smooth silhouettes is a must for a fall look that shines.

Super-sized Coats: You will sure be warm this winter. Over-sized outerwear is where its at.

Grunge: patterns like plaid, rock inspired pieces, and irreverent prints help build this layered style.

Impactful Details: Jewels, feathers, appliques and embellishments that steal the show and make the look.

Structural Bags: Boxy shapes, clean lines and sharp edges is what makes these accessories sleek.

Stabilized Shoes: thicker heels, rounded toes, heavier soles, these will make for a more comfortable day. YAY 🙂

Opportunities are everywhere and “NO” stops them in their tracks. Opportunities to learn, try a new food, test a new idea, accomplish something in a different way, meet new people, wear something unique, try a new trend, or push yourself out of your comfort zone, can all be missed by this simple word. I don’t mean to sound like an exerpt from the movie “Yes Man” but we could really learn something from good old Jim Carey. If you say “YES” to an idea you may learn something new, or maybe a better way to accomplish something. if you say “YES” to meeting new people, you could be creating a connection that will lead to great friendships, business ventures, or…. more opportunities! if you say “YES” to something that will push yourself out of your comfort zone, you may realize you are capable of that much more. If you say “YES” to new fashions, your style will always be top notch and fearless. What do you have to loose? NOTHING! What do you have to gain? If nothings else, knowledge. You now know what you like and don’t like, what works and doesn’t. Great! Move on to the next “YES” and learn something else. 🙂

I hope this gets you thinking and excited for what’s to come. This article from FABSUGAR, Fall Fashion Trends 2013” will give you a closer look at each trend. Tell us what trends your unsure about and which ones you are excited to say “YES” to! We can’t wait to hear so post below!!!

Have a Magical Day!


The Fashion of the Flag

Happy 4th of July! As we all gather together with family and friends to celebrate the birthday of our country, the American Flag is a prominent focus. July 4th is a great day to learn a little about our flag, and  the history of its design and construction. As fashionistas, we all know a thing or too about presentation, and a flag to present our country… well that needs to be perfect. The fashion of the American Flag evolved as all fashions do.  From thirteen stripes and thirteen stars in 1777, to fifteen stripes and fifteen stars in 1794, back to thirteen stripes and 15 stars in 1818, and finally to thirteen stripes and 50 shining stars since 1960, the flag we know today has been the official design for 53 years.

Betsy Ross was the first designer of the American Flag. She designed and constructed the thirteen stars and thirteen striped flag during the American Revolution. She arranged the thirteen stars in a circle to represent the thirteen colonies, and has shown to distinguish her design from the flag designs to come.

The current design for the American Flag was created by Robert G. Heft in 1958 as a high school project. When his design was accepted by the United States Congress, his teacher decided it was only fair to raise his grade of a B- to an A… (I’d say so.)

American Flag

Image from “ACE Outer Banks”

The official specifications for the size and color shades of the Flag was given in Executive Order 10834, by Dwight D. Eisenhower, on August 21, 1959. According to the article,  “Flag of the United States,” from Wikipedia, these are the official meanings of each color:

Red: Hardiness and Valor

White: Purity and Innocence

Blue: Vigilance, Perseverance, and Justice.

Fashion evolution is everywhere. Especially in something so historical, official and respected; design and make become important and necessary to ensure the proper representation. Just as we dress to impress, and are conscious of how our choices represent who we are, the American Flag represents who we are as a country. From thirteen stars to fifty, our flag has stood and still stands for growth, freedom, strength, and unity.

forth of july 2

I will leave you with an outfit I put together to wear today 🙂 The flag can be worn; and to embrace my “sporty chic” side, I just HAD to have this American Flag baseball cap!

Enjoy the day with your friends and family watching fireworks, barbequing, and celebrating the free country we are blessed to live in! Maybe teach them a thing or to about the fashion of the flag 😉

Have a Magical Day!


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“Pretty Fly for a White Guy”

Fathers Day; A day to celebrate being “Daddy’s little Princess.” Cause really it all circles back to you….. they are so blessed that they are able to be a father to you…. right? Ok so maybe that’s a bit much 🙂 While I’m sure your father feels blessed to have you as a child, today is all about you being blessed to have them as your #1 DAD. For me, I am lucky to have a Dad who still treats me like a Princess. From teaching me how to ride a bike, to a car, to walking me down the aisle, I am grateful to say he has always been my #1 fan. While I could go on and on bragging about all wonderful things my dad is, (and let me tell you he is great!) this is a place for fashion and I would like to take the opportunity to share the gift of  style and  touch on some 2013 Men summer trends.


Image from “Euro Fashion Magazine

While you may not want your dad testing the waters on all of theses fashion statements, (they may be a tad “bold”) steering him in the direction of what’s hot now can help update his look and keep him “fly.” 😉 Here is a list of some of the top trends on the runways this season:


Image from “Euro Fashion Magazine

1. Stripes

2. Camouflage

3. Neon and vibrant colors

4. Colored Suits


Image from “Esquire

5. Tailored Shorts

6. Patterns

7. Baseball jackets

Many on the list are similar trends in women fashion as well, (see Happy Memorial Day on Camouflage.) but mens style seems to be bright and polished with vibrant colors and tailored cuts. Now I personally don’t know about my dad stepping out in a neon pink suit or head to toe camo; but perhaps he could sport some tailored shorts with a bright colored polo or a cool baseball jacket. Adding some stripes and OR pattern here and there will give a little update without the embarrassment of your dad trying to be a hipster …. we’ve all been there. 😉 Being fashionable is important at any age and Fathers should be allowed to step outside the box and keep up with the times. Variety is the spice of life and sticking to one look is boring. Just ensure they remain supervised while “stepping.”


My Dad’s “Super Flyness”

Help your Dad update his look a little and share some of these tips. We all know men out there that can use a fashion pick me up and as a style savvy daughter, son, or friend, you must bare the burden of steering them in the right direction.

To my Daddy and all the other Dads out there.. Happy Fathers Day! You’re super fly!  😉

Have a Magical Day!


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The Perfect Summer Accessory

With the hot summer weather, less material in your clothing, and fear of random tan lines, accessorizing your look is just plain difficult. Scarves are too hot, jewelry will make those goofy lines, and that cardigan or cropped jacket will leave you feeling claustrophobic and… sweaty. So what is a trendy girl supposed to do to separate her look? Add a little mystery with a summer hat! 🙂

From Sunhats to fedoras, to baseball caps and that ever so important bike helmet; these headdresses of summer are all part of the fun in the sun. Whether your out for a day at the beach, watching your sons baseball game, attending the Kentucky derby, or cruising around town on your two wheeler, there’s a hat for every occasion.



Not only are hats the perfect accessory this season, they protect your skin and hair from the damage that come with those warm rays. Wearing your chic sunhat is a great way to be healthy, protect your skin, and accessorize your simple summer wardrobe.
We all have heard over and over again the detrimental effect the sun has on your skin. (“Cosmetic Procedures: Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer.”  Web MD) Yet year after year we have fun in the sun “screenless” only to burn, peel and start the process all over again. All you have to do to prevent this irreversible damage, is take two minutes to apply your SPF. It’s like wearing your seat belt. If you don’t wear your seat belt it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get in and accident and be injured, but why risk it?

Sunscreen; it takes two seconds to apply and you will be happy in 20 years when your skin is is cancer-less and most definitely less saggy. Keep it simple and apply when you get out of the shower in place of your body lotion. Carry a small travel size tube in your purse for whenever you think about it, or are heading outdoors. Just do it! Your efforts will pay off in the end. Plus the familiar smell will take you back to those childhood days of playgrounds, sand castles, and cannonballs 🙂 Ahhhh… The joys of summer! (“The 10 Best Sunscreens for Summer 2013,” Allure.com)

Wear your sunscreen, wear your hat, wear your espadrilles, and rock this summer with your flawless skin and and sunny style. 🙂

Check out “5 Hot Hats for Summer” from COSMOPOLITAN to get some ideas.

Have a Magical Day!


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How to Dress in a Way that Says …“Go You!”

According to the United States Census Bureau there are over 7 BILLION people in this world growing at a rate of one birth every 8 seconds and shrinking at rate of one death every 12 seconds. Out of all 7 billion and counting people, you are the only one with your unique qualities. God made us all to have different personalities, tastes, body types, interests, thoughts, dreams, goals etc. That’s what makes you so wonderful!

Fashion is a great tool to embrace your individuality. The way you dress is a direct reflection of who you are. Simply stepping out the door, walking into a room, or posting a picture on Facebook can say a lot about you, without saying anything at all. No pressure or anything…. 😉 I have put together three simple steps that you can implement in your closet everyday, keeping the stress away and staying true to yourself:

Step 1. Dress

Step 2. Style

Step 3. Separate

Below we take a look at these steps in term of  layers you can add to your basic top and bottom and put your best self-forward everyday with confidence:

Base: You are the base. (Hopefully you are at least wearing a top and a bottom piece 😉 )

Layer 1, “Dress”: Think of your outfit in terms of three. It is more than just a top and bottom, there is also a third piece involved.  A cardigan, a jacket, a belt etc. these pieces create dimension and a sense of thoughtfulness to your look. The simple addition of a third piece can takes you from being “Clothed,” to being “Dressed.”

Layer 2, “Style”: Add another layer. Bring in a WOW piece. A scarf, a necklace, a hat. The addition that can take your look from ordinary to extraordinary. This is what sets you apart from being “Dressed” to being “Styled.” If you get to this point everyday, your in it. This is what gives you an opportunity to create your personal style. Have fun experimenting with ways to wear scarves, and different types of jewelry. You have lots of room to play with various looks and styles. Some will be winners and others not so much. Every chance is worth taking because now you know something about your style that you didn’t before. Have fun and don’t be afraid to try new things.

Layer 3, “Separate”: In addition to the WOW pieces, layer three is all about details. The ring, the dangle earrings, the stack of bangles or a flower pin that you could add to your jacket or hair. These are the icing on the cake. There are many sylish details you can add to your outfit. You might add a necklace that matches the color of your shoes, and a ring that compliments your bracelet. Maybe the necklace comes with matching earrings and a bow for your hair and….. whoa there! Rein it in! Details are just that; details. They are not to be used to overtake the star of the show; you! Too much of a good thing can be bad, but just enough can make the perfect statement. Watch out for over accessorizing, but don’t be afraid to add details, just not ALL of them. Details allow you to separate your look from the crowd, show a unique personal style, and take your look from being “Styled” to being “Fashion Forward.”

Here’s another way to think about it. Take this couch as an example:

Base: Plain Jane, lets call this the blank canvas… the possibilities are endless!


This base couch is certainly a functional piece of furniture. It will do the job,  but feels a little cold and uninviting.

Layer 1: Lets throw a couple  pillows on that couch!

Layer 1

The pillows pull the couch together making the thought of a comfortable couch more complete. This is not a bad looking couch by any means…. I’d sit on it 🙂

Layer 2: Lets throw on a couple more!

Layer 2

Now we are starting to see some personality! The extra pillows add texture creating a theme and visual interest. Look how just the two extra pillows and the use of pattern make the couch feel  more warm and cozy.

Layer 4: One last touch.

layer 3

There’s that icing! The one piece that stylizes this couch giving it a voice. It now says something. It welcomes you to come join the party, snuggle up, bring the latest edition of Instyle,  some hot tea, and turn on your favorite tunes!

Whether its styling yourself or your living room, just adding a few simple pieces can make a big impact. It is important to embrace your individuality and show who you are. Putting the time and extra care into your style can give you a huge confidence boost preparing you to take on each day with a positive attitude and an extra skip in your step. When you look good…. you feel good. Being who you are on the inside and out is the best feeling 🙂 So go to your closets and start playing dress up! Dress, Style, Separate and start finding your personal style one outfit at at time.

Tell us what you think below or post to our Facebook page. Share your new ideas for looks, and tell us how you make your fashion choices each day; we can’t wait to hear from you!

Have a Magical Day!


Want to dig deeper? Look out for future posts on each concept with more detail and ideas.

The Printed Pant: to wear or not to wear

I get it….as a style obsessed society, we do our best to stay current in an ever changing fashion world. But how do we know what we can rock and what we really shouldn’t leave the house in? Take the currently very popular printed pant…. floral, animal print, paisleys and stripes. It’s not like this fashion phenomenon is new; not too long ago in the 80’s, popular rap artist Stanley Burrell was rocking what we now call the “Hammer Time” pants.mollyringwaldpants And Molly Ringwald made faded pastel floral jeans all the rage when she wore them in Pretty In Pink. So like most popular styles that have graced the 20th and now 21st century, the printed pant has come full circle. Which brings us back to the original question; what’s the right printed pant for you and how do you wear it?

With all the crazy prints coming off the assembly line these days, it’s hard to know what’s what. But I have narrowed down two prints that will not only work well for you, but will also transition easily into a conventional wardrobe. The first of these is animal print, already a well established pattern worn by the big cats of the wild. An animal print is excellent way to spice up a boring outfit, and can easily be paired with a chambray blouse or any other neutral top (black, white, brown). Personally, I love my animal print paired with a black sweater and black booties 🙂 Rocking the animal print pant is edgy and says that you’re not afraid to shake things up; they always look better in small print and in a fitted form, like a skinny or a slim leg. WARNING: Animal print captured in the form of full-legged trousers or paired with crazy tops can be ostentatious and overpowering; keep it simple.

That leaves us with plaid, a print that doesn’t need to make a comeback because it’s never really left the fashion scene. Originating in Scotland, plaid (or tartan as the Scots refer to it) has been well worn and well loved by golfers and punk rockers for many years, keeping the pattern from fading into fashion oblivion; chances are you have or had at some point a pair of neutral plaid dress trousers hanging in your closet. Plaid is a wonderful fall and winter print, and usually graces some runway in its most popular form of Royal Stewart.royalstuarttartan Unlike animal print, plaid looks great in all cuts and styles, and is just as chic in a skinny leg form as it is in the form of full-legged trousers. A wonderful day-to-night print, start your day in plaid paired with a solid tee-shirt, jean jacket and cap toe flats. As the evening approaches, switch to stilettos and a black blazer (black velvet’s the best!) and layer on some jewelry. All in all, plaid provides a chic look that can be worn again and again, and can be switched up for endless possibilities.

Now that I have addressed the two main patterns of animal and plaid, that leaves us with a couple prints to discuss. Floral is huge, especially right now as we enter spring and summer. I have no problem with floral as long as it looks new and fresh; the aforementioned Molly Ringwald looked great in her floral denim in 1986, but wearing that print or a print similar to it now will only date you. Stripes are another pattern to grace the pant runway this season, and much like plaid can be worn in any style or shape (provided the stripes are vertical). Chevron, abstracts and tie dye are all wonderful, but have an expiration point; I wouldn’t invest in them simply because next season they most likely will be out of style. If you already own one of these patterns, I say wear and rock them now. And that leaves us with the polka-dot. In truth, the polka-dot is my favorite print and will not doubt always come back around. If you have some polka-dot pants, wear them with pride!!

To conclude, there are a lot of printed pants out there, some a little crazier than others. I understand it can be a little unnerving to try an unfamiliar style, but you can do it! Start with the basic plaid or animal print …or if you’re really gutsy pull on those polka-dots! If you have a print I haven’t mentioned feel free to comment below or post a pic to our Facebook in your pants of choice! I would love to hear what you think of this current fashion trend!!!! Let me know!


Family “Jeans”

This past Sunday we all celebrated our mothers and how blessed they are to have such glorious children in their lives. O wait, I mean how blessed we are to have them in our lives…. right? Anyways, amongst the “blessings” we get to enjoy quality time getting together with family members catching up, reminiscing, and enjoying a beautiful brunch and all the beloved meal has to offer (Seriously brunch is amazing). Its funny how your family ties connect you in ways you don’t even realize. Many times family members tend to like the same things and make similar choices and although they coincide, they are still unique individuals. In fashion, my sister and I often buy the same things even though we live hours away from each other and rarely get to shop together. We will often talk about our recent shopping trips and what we bought or liked, and almost half the time we will be talking about the same pieces at the same stores. Its funny, we are so far apart yet so close in thought 🙂 This Mothers Day we both showed up wearing a button down denim shirt. All the rage this spring, it is the perfect versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. You can pair it with anything having, fun with color, pattern and accessories. This encounter proved to be true this past Sunday:


My sister (on the right) wore her shirt unbuttoned with a bold color underneath and white denim crops. She chose  a neutral scarf and gold dangle earrings that accessorized and added texture to her look. She put together a polished casual, fresh spring look that worked well with the rainy day and unexpected cold weather…. It was hailing! The short sleeved spring flower dress that I had planned for the day seemed irrelevant at that point which lead me to plan B, the button down denim shirt. I wore mine tucked into a long black maxi skirt cinched with a camel braided belt and mint green double strand necklace, another “go to” this spring. The casual shirt paired with a long skirt creates contrast but overall the look was laid back and comfortable. The same piece, totally different looks, but both amazing! Not to mention the models 😉

We had a beautiful day with all the mothers in our lives. I am blessed to have a family that is full of love and support for one another, and are always happy to be together. I loved to see that our family genes tie my sister and I  together in more ways then one. The different take on the denim shirt was fun to see and a comfort to know that although we are much older and at different points in lives, we are still unified in taste :).  Have you ever had a similar style experience with a family member? Tell me about it!

Have a Magical Day!