New year, New you!

Christmas is over and it is less than a week until a brand new year! Everyone is reflecting on the year 2013 and planning their 2014 new years resolutions. While its great to set goals and expectations for the year to come, keep in mind that you can always be setting goals to improve upon yourself and your quality of life. Whether it is January 1st, April 22, or September 15th, you can aspire to be better any day, hour, or minute of the year!

Okay, enough of the pep talk…back to 2014 resolutions…

A common resolution is “get organized.” Many people set these types of goals in the beginning of the year in hope of a clean slate and a clear mind. Have you ever thought this would be the year? The year you find a “spot for everything!” I have thought that many times. I have tried to schedule my hours, conceal my clutter, and label my way into that “clean slate and clear mind.”


Ahhh… Clarity!

“Having a spot for everything” is a challenge indeed. Kudos to those of you whom have this “organization” thing down pat! For those of you who don’t (like myself), let us start by taking one room at a time. Since we all are fellow fashionistas, where else should we start than that closet? Lets take that first step in organizing by downsizing our wardrobes. Get ready to try on, make decisions, and reconnect with your back walls, bottoms of drawers, and maybe even your closet floor (depending on your “situation.”) Ready, set, GO!

This is cut throat people. Keep clear minded and stay unattached. Your closet should be filled with quality, not quantity. If your not using it, its wasting space and cluttering your mind and personal style. Take it out now by eliminating the pieces that make you feel awkward and you know don’t work for you. The less you have that doesn’t flatter your body, or make you feel comfortable, the less thinking and emotional stresses in the morning as you choose your look of the day. We all want to feel our best all of the time. However, it’s just not realistic that every style, size, and trend in your closet will work for you. No matter how much you want them to, they can’t all be winners. This is part of what makes you unique and your personal style, your personal style. Be honest with yourself despite your feelings, despite what you spent, and despite where you “think” you could wear it again. If you’re contemplating a piece, just let it go and move on. The less “fashion mistakes” you own, the less you will make.


“Clean slate, clear mind”

A few things to keep in mind as you are testing things out:

You should be able to breathe: If it is tight enough to cause a bulge, lack of air, or muffin top, it’s simply not your size. Accept it and understand that you will look much better when you dress in the proper size and fit for your body.

You should be able to sit down and stand up multiple times and not have to worry about a “whale tale” situation: It sometimes boggles my mind when people don’t realize their pants are “too low for comfort.” Especially in this cold weather, you would think they would feel a draft? Don’t be that person, its just awkward for everyone.

A little mystery never hurt anyone: Keep it reasonable. Busting out of your top is never attractive, and not everyone appreciates the ability to see down your blouse or up your skirt. It’s okay to bring a little sexy once in a while, but there is a time, place, occasion, and way to do it that doesn’t scream, “pay attention to me!” Be an example, and respect yourself. (Read: “R-E-S-P-E-C-T….. what does that mean to me?”)

After some hard decisions, a “throw out,” “donate,” and keep pile, your can step back and feel a little bit of weight lifted off your shoulders. It’s amazing what a little de-cluttering can do for your clarity and stress levels. Put your closet back together in a way that is maintainable for you. Whether that’s by color, by style, by type, hung, folded on shelf, or folded in a drawer, decide what your prefer and what you can sustain. Revisit your closet purging and organizing every season to keep it current and less of a task next year.

Here are a few ideas for you donate box. Make sure you are only donating items that are still in good condition and don’t look worn out or over-used.


Donate?…. Never!

Goodwill: There are many local drop off locations

Salvation Army: There are many local drop off locations.

Plato’s Closet: They will pay you for items that are in good condition. They will pick it up for you and drop it off at your chosen organization.

Good luck! Let us know how it goes below or on our facebook page!

Have a Magical Day!


11 Things to do This Summer

With the 4th of July behind us, it seems the summer is flying by fast. Don’t let these precious days slip away. Take advantage of the time that’s left. Here are 11 things to do to make the most of your summer:

1. Start a reading list….. or a book. The idea of a whole list may be overwhelming, but just start with one and you may find yourself on a book binge. 🙂

stack of books

Image from “Wordhoard Communications

2. Clean out your closet and have a garage sale. Take the stylist in you to the streets and merchandise your gently used attire on your driveway. Pay your fashion forward and earn some dough for your new looks 🙂

3. Write your name in the sand. This would require a trip to the beach! Don’t forget your favorite fashion magazines, iPod, and of course…. SUNSCREEN!

4. Do a DIY project for your home. Pinterest has loads of ideas and tutorials on do it yourself projects from furniture to home decor updates. What a great time to put on your tool belt and try them out.

5. Take pictures. With the convenience of camera phones and sharing though instagram, document your summer and share with your friends. You will be happy to look back in the winter when you are cold and sitting in the dark at 5:00 pm.

Yellow lemon

Image from “

6. Catch a late night movie with your favorite someone. Summer movies are known for being the best of the year. After a long day in the sun, a good movie in a cool theater is just the ticket.

7. Try going blonde. If you have always wondered…. now is the time. Try lightening your locks with these natural techniques. If you decide that blondes don’t have more fun, your dark strands will be back by winter.

8. Save some gas and ride your bike. Invest in a cute basket for the front and you’ll be good to go. Think of all the extra exercise you will get and the $ you will save on gas. You can put that toward your closet 🙂

9. Sing around a bonfire. Despite the awkward start, EVERYONE will love it in the end. Just like nobody has met a Christmas carol they didn’t find catchy, nobody has met a bonfire that didn’t make them want to sing. Its just the way it is… KUMBAYA!


Here is a pic of Morgan and I in Chicago a couple summers ago… Memories!

10. Take a vacation. It doesn’t matter if it is just a weekend getaway, or not a getaway at all but a few days off in a row. It is so important for your sanity to take a break and relax. Go up north for a weekend, or on a glam-ping trip. Or if you can’t get away, just take a few consecutive days off and treat yourself to morning coffee on the porch, a day at the beach, and reading in the park.

11. Sign up for a fun run. There are tons of organized runs in the summer. Whether a 5k or whole marathon; it is always fun and a great activity to do friends and family. The challenge is fulfilling and the endorphins from exercise makes you happier 🙂

Let us know what you do this summer! Enjoy these last summer months 🙂

Have a Magical Day!


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