Tis the Season for a Christmas in Washington

“It’s that time of year

When the world falls in love

Every song you hear seems to say

Merry Christmas, may your new years dream come true”

It’s that time of year again. In case you haven’t noticed, Starbucks has busted out their red Holiday cups and eggnog lattes, the unofficial “official” signifiers of the beginning of the Holiday season. Downtown Seattle, Macy’s has suspended their beloved Holiday Star on the corner of 4th and Pine and Westlake Plaza is cleaning the sidewalk in anticipation of the Holiday Carousel. Throughout the city you can see city workers perched on ladders stringing lights around trees trunks and storefront awnings. I even spotted a few handmade paper snowflakes taped to the windows of an apartment building.

Yes, the holidays are truly upon us and if you live in Washington State and love Christmas time as much I do, you’ll be thrilled to know there are some awesome events taking place this season. You will also be thrilled to know that I have put together 5 solid wardrobe ideas that are perfectly appropriate for these yuletide events.

1. Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Rock out at an Orchestra of the Trans-Siberian variety. November 22nd (Key Arena)



2. The Nutcracker

Allow yourself to be swept away as a classic children’s tale is expressed through dance. Produced by the Pacific Northwest Ballet. November 28th thru December 7th (McCaw Hall)

night at the nutcracker


3. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Put down the book and look up to the stage! Enjoy Dr. Seuss’s beloved holiday tale about a grumpy green grinch who comes to learn the true meaning of Christmas. December 2nd thru December 7th (Paramount Theatre)



4. Christmas Lighting Festival

Enjoy the magic of Christmas lights in a quaint german town surrounded by snow covered mountains. Every weekend in December (Leavenworth, WA)



5. Indulgence

Ring in the New Year with fireworks and fashion downtown Seattle. December 31st (Experience Music Project)

new year look



It’s definitely a magical time of year! Full of lights, music and excitement. It is also a time to remember and rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ, who came to earth to save us all! If that’s not something to get excited about, I don’t know what is!

Give generously, love unabashedly and be merry to all! Rejoice and enjoy everything this season has to offer!




The Halloween Countdown….Are you ready?

Alrighty folks! It’s almost here! It’s the holiday that promotes costumes, candy and camaraderie (and eventually cavities). That’s right- it’s HALLOWEEN! YAY!


I think he thinks he’s Ironman

I love Halloween! Not only is it a free pass to gorge myself with Hershey kisses and Reese’s cups, but I get hang out with my friends in super cool costumes! Anyone who knows me will also know that I love dressing up (my motto: If you’re well-dressed, you’re at your best!) , and Halloween is no exception. Every October I spend hours sprawled out on my bedroom floor, sewing on beads or attaching fur to some fanciful creation that will evolve into an awesome Halloween costume. This year I have been hot-glueing a ton of sequins and fur trim (but I can’t tell you what my costume is- it’s a surprise). Hopefully, you’ve started working on your Halloween costume as well- if not, you still have time to come up with something awesome. Make your own costume or buy a pre-made outfit at a costume shop or Spirit Superstore. Don’t wait till Friday at 5pm to make a costume for the party you’re going to at 7pm. Don’t be this guy.

Fall’s most wearable trends….

While perusing the world-wide web in search of fall/winter make-up trends, I came across this awesome article from InStyle. This Season’s 9 Most Wearable Trends lists some awesome fashion advice that will boost your fall look from drab to fab. Some of the trends are easy to embrace, like the burgundy lip and the bold feliner. Others, like the slicked back hair and grunge waves, might be hard to wrap your hair around (pun intended). I encourage you to try at least one of these trends this week- I’m going to start with the darker lipstick.

Summer’s over and Fall has begun. Shake up your look and have some fun! (oh look! a rhyme)


Kate Spade…You are amazing.

Kate-spade-hello-shanghai-pollie-Bag-4Without fail every season, Kate Spade puts out a collection to die for. This year is no different and her Fall 2014 collection is practically swoon-worthy. Shine in Shanghai is glorious! Rich reds, fresh fuchsias and of course, the signature polka dot print, this collection has a distinctly posh, jetsetter feel. So far my favorites are the Madison Ave Watercolor skirt and the Hello Shangai Pollie (a purse shaped like a birdcage!!!). Check out the Kate Spade Fall 2014 collection and find your favorites!

The Gift of Giving Up


Sometimes you just have to give up and dance in the rain!

This summer was a busy one for me. It started out busy and it ended even busier. Family vacations, out of state friends, hiking, kayaking, dancing, drinking, eating, laughing- for 3 glorious months I was going, going, going. Now, as the warm weather takes a cold turn and the vacations come to an end, I realize I let several things slide from my normal routine. Watching what I ate was a “slide” area- cookies, candy, ice cream- if it looked good, I ate it (and lot of things looked good this summer). I lapsed heavily in the reading department- I picked up many books but I couldn’t seem to get past the 2nd chapter (I couldn’t even read illustrated novels!). Writing was yet another area where I failed in consistency. I tried in the beginning- I really did. Many attempts were made doodling randomly in a notepad or staring blankly at a computer screen. Most of these attempts ended with me throwing the notepad across the room or snapping the laptop shut in frustration. Quitter. The only word that danced around my otherwise empty brain. You’re a quitter.

That thought made me feel lousy, lazy and above all, guilty. Guilty because instead of going to the gym I ate frozen yogurt with my best friend in the sunshine. Guilty because I missed a day of work to play with my little cousins visiting from Wisconsin. Guilty because instead of writing in my blog I went kayaking on a crystal clear lake. Guilty because…because….why?

Why should I feel guilty when I got to experience all these fun things? And then it hit me! Maybe quitting isn’t always such a bad thing- what I gained is greater than what I gave up. Giving up can be a gift.

After reviewing the summer and the many experiences that came along with it, I can recall a couple things I gave up on and the positive reasons behind it. I share them with you now because I think they could be helpful, if not thought-provoking.

It’s ok to give up on that relationship. This transcends all relationship categories: family, friends and significant others. If the relationship is toxic or causing you emotional, mental or physical harm in anyway, it is ok to put it behind you. You might feel guilty for walking away from a relationship that you’ve invested heavily in. Don’t. Giving up could be the bravest and strongest thing you can do. There are other people in your life who value you and closing a chapter on one relationship can give you more time to focus on other relationships.

It’s ok to give up on that project. Just as Leonardo Da Vinci’s original design for a helicopter was never destined to fly, your project or creation might not be meant to reach full fruition either. Not every dream is realized, no matter how good the intention. It is even possible to find relief when you finally decide to be done with a frustrating project. Sometimes if you’re really lucky you will come away with better ideas for your next creative undertaking.

It’s ok to give on that perfect image of yourself. You will always see imperfections in yourself. Always. Even on your most beautiful day, there will be something you wished were different or better. We live in a culture that encourages a near impossible standard of beauty and you could run yourself ragged trying to live up to it. Embrace yourself for what and who you are and accept those flaws and blemishes. And remember that those imperfections contribute to a perfect uniqueness.

kayaking in the sunThere you have it. Some things I think are ok to give up on. You might not agree with me or you could have impartial feelings regarding the whole article. Or  you might look at giving up from a new perspective. Sometimes it can be a gift.


Wear it to Work: Friday, June 13th. Day #5

witw friday

TGIF! Now I know I said one of the requirements to the WITW Challenge was no jeans…but that rule doesn’t have to extend to jean jackets (let’s just say I’m keeping in theme with casual Fridays). On the left is my outfit of the day- jean jacket, striped midi skirt and braided cord wedges. On the right is a ridiculous yellow rain poncho…which is really what I should be wearing since it’s raining cats and dogs outside.

Oh well…a little rain never killed anybody.  And besides, ponchos and wedges just don’t go together.

Wear it to Work: Thursday, June 12th. Day #4

witw thursday

Thursday’s perfect accessory is Petey the Pomapoo. Perfect for those days in the office when you need a little something special to jazz up your outfit. Put him in a purse or tote him around in a stroller that was originally intended for children. For a more sophisticated look, add a bow or bedazzled collar and refer to him as your “Snuffin-Wuffins” while he licks your face incessantly.