About Lemonzest&Pearls

Picture it. Sicily, 1920. A young peasant girl embarks on a voyage that will take her from her native country of Italy to the great nation also known as America. With only a few lira and a dream in her pocket, she survives the treacherous journey and ultimately settles on the lower East side of Brooklyn, where she marries a nice man named Sal and raises 2 daughters and a son.

That peasant girl was Sophia Petrillo and this story has absolutely nothing to do with Lemonzest&Pearls.

The Real Story: Picture it. Reno, Nevada, 2012. A young woman, freshly graduated from ASU and living with her parents just outside of the Reno city limits. Having grown up in Washington and spent the better part of her college career in Arizona, she wonders what next steps she can take towards pursuing her passion for fashion in this small gambling town. She knows how to write and she’s pretty handy with social media, so she figured, “Why not start a fashion blog?”.

And so Lemonzest&Pearls was born. Committed to providing honest and entertaining articles, LzP is all about fashion, current events and making the most out of the time God has given us. Whether it’s a short’n’sweet tweet or a long-winded blog post, Lemonzest&Pearls truly believes that words have the power to uplift, inspire and move people.


That fresh-faced college grad was Morgan and in the three years since starting Lemonzest&Pearls, she has met some amazing fashion loving people, attended countless events and even had the opportunity to write in a magazine. When she’s not herding software nerds as a office manager at a software company, she can be found watching Golden Girl reruns or hanging with friends. She loves Jesus, her family, the color pink, and white chocolate raspberry mochas. She struggles with asparagus, the word moist and people who leave their turn signals on after they’ve turned.