Weekend Wanderers

Working a full time job is not for me. There is so much I could be doing with those extra 40 hours. Like sleeping. Or not working.

However I have become accustomed to living with a roof over my head and food in the frig (so high maintenance, I know!). And because I have become accustomed to this extravagant lifestyle, I will continue to wake at the crack of dawn, sit at a desk all day, and eventually fall into bed exhausted around 9:30pm.

That leaves the weekend. The sweet, sweet weekend…two days of freedom that can wash away all the workweek grime that has been building up on the windshield of the car that is life. Too dramatic?

I recently read on article on realsimple.com entitled 5 Creative Weekend Getaway Ideas. I decided to take some creative liberties and make the list a little more Pacific Northwest focused.

  • Rent a House….in a Tree! TreeHouse Point in Fall City Washington is a unique B&B that places their guests in treehouses instead of regular rooms. Constructed in 2005 by owners Pete and Judy Nelson, the lofty bed and breakfast has been the venue for numerous weddings and events, and has even helped launch Pete’s newest venture, TreeHouse Masters (featured on Animal Planet). Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 11.25.02 AMOffering 6 different treehouses and a Main Lodge, TreeHouse Point makes for the perfect weekend getaway that is sure to relax and rejuvenate you. Or if you aren’t looking for relaxation, pretend you are a woodland elf or tree nymph keeping watch over your forest from the safety of the treehouse….that’s what I would do.
  • Cruise to Nowhere…on the Argosy Cruise. So I just went on an Argosy Cruise last month and it was awesome! My co-workers and I took the boat over to Tillicum Village on Blake Island and learned all about it’s history through native story-telling and dance. They fed us clams, smoked salmon, corn polenta, beef venison and blackberry cobbler and then they rolled us back onto the boat. Amazingly none of us got seasick and we were able to board the outer deck and take in the beautiful Seattle skyline.
  • Camp Out….near Lake Crescent National Park. This last Memorial Day I had the amazing opportunity to camp out on the shore of Lake Crescent with some of my best friends. Words cannot accurately depict the beauty of the deep turquoise water and the evergreen mountains that protect the lake from all sides. It was breathe-taking and just thinking about it stirs a longing within me to return. It doesn’t matter what you do when you get there (camp, kayak, hike or bike), just go.


    Your’s truly

  • Casino Night…at the Muckleshoot. Not being much a of a gambler myself, I can’t truly rep the casino experience. But gambling is not the only activity that happens at the Muckleshoot. Luxurious hotel accommodations, fine dining, numerous varieties of music and dancing, even fantasy football can be found at the Muckleshoot Casino. Perfect for when you want to get away but you don’t want to go too far.
  • Be a Tourist in Your Own Town…of Seattle.  Seattle is the best. End of story. What could be better than being a tourist in the best city in the world? I don’t have time to write a 100 page blog post about why Seattle is the best and you certainly wouldn’t have time to read it. Instead take my word for it and visit the Emerald City, from one end to the other- you won’t be disappointed (bring an umbrella just in case).       seattle skyline

If you are like me and have to work for a living, I hope I have encouraged you to take advantage of those two precious days also known as Saturday and Sunday. Take back your weekend- become a Weekend Wanderer!

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