On What?

There’s an odd expression floating around the establishments I frequent (specifically the Starbucks line and Nordstrom makeup counters). Not being hip to the lingo of the kids these days and too embarrassed to ask random strangers what this expression means, I resolved to look it up on Urban Dictionary, which holds the answers to all odd colloquialisms.

After sifting through all the commentary added by individuals who MUST be under the influence of something, I found a common theme in the definitions. Eyebrows. More specifically, well manicured eyebrows. By this point you either know or are wishing you knew what the mystery phrase is.

On Fleek.

brow game

Cara Delevingne is ALWAYS on fleek.

A combination of fly and seek, this idiom is usually reserved as a compliment of a person’s eyebrows but can expand to hairstyles, make-up, and general style. For example, you are flipping through a People magazine while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. You land on a page featuring the best-dressed people at the latest MTV video music awards and you see a picture of the singer Lorde with her eyebrows looking great. Assuming you keep up with current cultural slang your response might be to exclaim “Oh look! There’s Lorde with her brows on fleek!” and by this you mean that she has two eyebrows (not one unibrow) and they are trimmed and tweezed and generally nice looking. If you still don’t have a handle on the meaning of “on fleek”, direct your attention to the picture below.brows 2  I have placed pictures of the talented artist Frida Kahlo and Lorde side by side to illustrate the difference in brow game. While Frida was a gifted painter and in some regard a figurehead of women’s rights, it is apparent that she was not concerned with manicured eyebrows, and so the winner of the OFA (On Fleek Award*) must go to Lorde.

*This is not a real award. Do not try to win this award. People will judge you.

But Lorde is not the only celebrity to have beautiful brows. Thanks to the tireless efforts of make-up artists Hollywood is full of eyebrows that can easily compete with Lorde’s brow game. And thanks to Youtube tutorials and brow pencil, you can too! Yay!! A word of warning however, when it comes to eyebrows less isn’t always more and more isn’t always better. And sharpies are never a good alternative to brow pencil. Sharpie Eyebrows


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