Jurassic Mistake

**SPOILER ALERT** The following post contains a rant about the newly released film, Jurassic World, in some detail. If you have not seen Jurassic World don’t worry, it’s basically a newer version of Jurassic Park. In fact there are only two major difference in Jurassic World that are worth mentioning- #1 being the adorable Chris Pratt (*swoon*). And #2 being those RIDICULOUS heels that Bryce Dallas Howard wears whilst traipsing through a dinosaur infested jungle. jurassic world

Before I engage in my high heeled rant, I should provide a little back story. Bryce plays Claire Dearing, the newly opened Jurassic World’s operation’s manager. Part of Claire’s job is to oversee multiple departments and in turn report the fiscal results to executives and shareholders. On the day that all the major events take place (i.e. scary dinosaur stuff) not only does she have to welcome her nephews to the park but she has an important meeting with the owner of Jurassic World. So it totally make sense that she would dress in business appropriate attire, because after all you dress for success… right?


running in heels

The only way to outrun a t-rex is to train hard

In this case, if Claire wanted to be super successful, she would have gone home and changed into some sensible running shoes. Or sneakers. Or ballet flats. Heck, even sandals would have been better because the chances of successfully outrunning mutinous velociraptors in 2 1/2 inch heels is not good. Now I know many of you are thinking “Morgan, come on! Wouldn’t you want to look your best for Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) while simultaneously running for your life and trying to save your nephews from being eaten by a vicious dinosaur?”

And my answer would be YES. 100% YES.

But also I can’t look my best if I’ve just been eaten by a dinosaur.

So in the slim but still possible chance that I should ever find myself in a heavily vegetated jungle thick with animal life and also happen to have a genetically modified Indominus Rex hot on my heels, I have made a list of some excellent shoe options that are both functional and fashionable.

#1. Nike Flyknit Air Max ($225)


#2. Reebok All Terrain Thunder 2.0 ($124.99)


#3.  Adidas by Stella McCartney ($83.99) These would even match Claire’s outfit!


#4. Dinosaur Repellent (Priceless)



I was going to add a bazooka to the list, but I figured that was already implied. If you haven’t seen Jurassic World yet, I encourage you to go to your closest Redbox and pick it up- if not for the action, then for the laughs! Enjoy!




How to Fall Forward…when it’s 115 degrees outside

Summer? Winter? What season are we in again?

Summer? Winter? What season are we in again?

Brisk winds blowing through your hair. Orange and yellow leaves falling from the trees in your front yard.  You can’t leave the house without a sweater or light jacket. Sound familiar? No? That’s because it’s still +90 degrees outside and the only way you can cool off is by standing in front of the fridge in your underwear.

Why then do clothing stores insist on pushing parkas and leather boots? Without fail every year around the beginning of august, designers churn out their fall collections onto the sweating masses, hoping that we will trade in our t-shirts for turtlenecks. It’s hard to stay on top of the fashion scene, especially when it dictates that we wear the opposite of what seems appropriate. That being said, there are a few small changes you can make to your wardrobe that are very fall friendly and won’t induce heat exhaustion.

autumn makeup2

Cat’s eyes and ruby lips

1. Make-up- Now I know that make-up might seem like a small thing to change but it really makes a big difference (after all, the first thing people notice about you is your face…hopefully). During the summer, we are able to get away with less make-up because that sun-kissed look is mostly natural; as fall approaches and our tan begins to fade we need a little more help to keep some color on our faces.

smoky eye with warm brown tones

smoky eye with warm brown tones

So, just as the color palate of your wardrobe changes, so does the color palate of your make-up. During the summer I usually stick to light, natural colors that highlight natural beauty like rosy cheeks and pink lips.  When mid-August comes around, I like to switch to darker colors that reflect and compliment the colors that are featured in the fall season’s fashion. Now that we’re in “pre-fall” weather, make-up can become a bit more emphasized and dramatic; the smoky eye is a great start to a dramatic look, especially when used with dark natural colors like plum, grey and chocolate brown. Don’t be afraid to go for dramatic lips as well; deep reds and magentas go beautifully with a subtle cat’s eye. While you don’t have to adhere to only dark shades of color, but it’s important that your make-up evolves with your wardrobe and since fall colors are usually darker, deeper and richer, your make-up should follow suit.

2. Cropped/Cigarette Pants- Depending on what area in the world in which you live, you may not have to reside in shorts and tank tops during the summer months, and are just as comfortable wearing long pants throughout the year. Many of us do not have that luxury- in fact, the very thought of pants make us feel sticky. How then, could we possibly bring ourselves to actually put them on? By wearing cropped pants!

fabulous red cropped pants

fabulous red cropped pants

Always a classic and appropriate for any occasion, cropped or cigarettes pants are an excellent pre-fall addition to any wardrobe.  Because they hit just above or right at the ankle they can still be considered a warm weather piece; the tapered leg looks great with heels or flats and can easily transition into cooler weather when paired with booties. By simply switching out your capris or shorts for a pair of these beauties, you can beat the heat and prepare for fall, all at the same time!

3. Accessories- Accessories are the easiest way to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall- by adding only a few key pieces you will be practically beckoning colder weather your way! Let’s start with the real money-maker, your face. It’s time to ditch the flowery earrings and pastel colored gemstones; opt for silver and gold with darker gemstones like sapphire, emerald and ruby. Pearls and diamonds are classic and great in a pinch (they are also beautiful as hair accessories if you have the time to style). With cooler weather come cooler accessories like felted hats, scarves, furs and leather goods.

leather vest and boots

leather vest and boots

While you might not be ready for felt or fur, add a printed scarf to your t-shirt and jeans and pair with a leather belt to complete the look.  If you are really adventurous and not afraid of a little sweat, skip the scarf and throw on a pair of boots with a leather or knitted vest. If you are REALLY, REALLY adventurous, zip up that goose-down parka complete with hot chocolate thermos— no, just kidding, too soon.

If you have read through this and are thinking to yourself, “Is she crazy? It’s the beginning of August for crying out loud!”, by all means, please continue to enjoy your summer wardrobe while you can. However, if you are tired of the flowery printed sundresses and tank tops that feature surf-boards and palm trees, I hope this article has been helpful in establishing a way to remain cool and current at the same time. Fashion is always one step ahead, regardless of the weather; as a self-proclaimed fashionista, I feel it is my duty to stay on top of trends to the best of my ability (and budget) and these three changes have worked for me so far. However, I am only self-proclaimed and definitely not an expert in the field of fashion- if you have some ideas or tricks in how to dress for fall when it’s still summer, I would love to hear about them. Fashion is about evolution and contribution: we have the ability to steer it in the direction we choose when we share with each other. So contribute with us and spread your fashion wisdom!