All that glitters…

Much like a squirrel, I am drawn to shiny things. Glitter, sequins, rhinestones and gemstones- if I could I could get away with it I would wear a tiara to work (but I don’t because I don’t want to make my co-workers self-conscious of their own unadorned heads).

With the winter season comes a great opportunity to bedazzle yourself- the grey weather and dismal rain can darken the spirits, but adding a little glitz will certainly brighten everyone’s day. Check out these sparkly treasures and get excited!


sequin scarf

Scarves are the best- I could just leave it at that. An easy accessory, scarves add texture to any look while keeping you warm. The Silver Sequin Infinity Scarf from Target is an awesome find and a super easy way to incorporate sparkle into your everyday look!


j.crew heel2

If boots were made for walking, these Glitter Suede Pumps from J.Crew were made for sashaying. A festive interpretation on the tradition cap toe stiletto, these suede beauties can add a dash of glitter and a pinch of class to your winter wardrobe.


hair sparkle

So lovely and dainty! It’s pretty standard for me to swoon every time I go into Anthropologie (or walk past their storefront window for that matter!) Everything in that store is a work of art and these Starlight Pin Point Bobbys are no exception. So small and yet to detailed, by simply pinning back a stray lock of hair, you can glam up your look with delicate gemstones.


sequin pants

Not for the faint of heart and sometimes not even for the brave of heart! These sequin pants take some serious guts to rock but if you think you’re up to the challenge, head over to H&M, where you will find these killer Sequin Pants. Perfectly paired with either a soft and fuzzy pastel sweater for day or a leather biker jacket for night, these twinkling trousers are on my “must have” list.


If you don’t have the crazy urge to go roll around in a mountain of glitter by now then obviously you need to read this post again. Embrace the glitter!!! Don’t let the grey weather get you down! Add some sparkle to your look- you’ll look fabulous and maybe brighten someone’s day!




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