30 Day Wear-it-to-Work Challenge

Tick Tock. There goes the alarm on my clock.

Time to rise and shine even though the sun is still in bed.

 It’s 4:50am on a Monday morning. And it’s time to get ready for work.

(Since starting full time with an awesome company in April, my blogging time has decreased significantly. In fact the majority of my free time is spent going to and coming from work (about 3 hours total each day) and my weekends usually become filled with household tasks and errands. I do not say this to complain. I am very thankful for my job and I really enjoy what I do. But a 12 hr work day can really mess up a girl’s social life!)

 Let’s get back to my morning routine- After I stumble to the kitchen for my daily cup of joe, I stumbled back to my bedroom, preparing myself with each uneven step for the inevitable question that lies ahead: What am I going to wear?

Now I know for a fact that unless you have a job that requires you come to work in a uniform or in the nude, you too have faced this question at some point in your professional career. For me, this question is formidable and extremely time-consuming….and as I stated above, my time is limited. Usually I stand in front of my closet for 20 minutes, unmoving with glazed over eyes, mentally counting down the minutes until I have to leave for the train station.

It really shouldn’t be this hard- I mean, it’s only clothes…who cares what I look like?

I care!!

How I present myself in the workforce is an indication of my self worth. It says that I care enough about myself to put the extra effort into my appearance. And that’s why I spend 20 minutes staring into my closet!

As a challenge to myself and as an encouragement to everyone who struggles to get dressed in the morning, I decided to start the  “Wear it to Work: Outfit of the Day” challenge.

The requirements- #1. No jeans. #2. Each outfit must be office-appropriate (meaning nothing too tight or short). #3. Each outfit must be coordinated (meaning it actually has to look like an outfit).

So let’s get this week started off right! It’s Monday and that means it’s time to get ready for the work week- let the challenge begin!!

Work it to Work- Monday, June 9th. Day #1

wtwc june9

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