Haute Headwear


There’s a chill in the air and a song in my heart: it’s Christmas time in the city.  The bells of the Salvation Army ring from every corner, Starbucks is advertising their Traditional Christmas Blend for only $9.99 a bag and Santa’s Workshop can be found on the main level of Nordstrom’s (next to the accessories). Yes, the Christmas spirit can be felt throughout the great city of Seattle once again and so can the dropping temperature.  As one of the thousands that commute into the city for work via public transportation, I have learned the importance of bundling up against the ever-changing elements. One of the best ways I protect myself against the cold (besides an extra hot grande Eggnog latte) is donning the traditional winter wear accessories, specifically a hat.  While the myth that we lose 70% of our body heat through our heads has been busted, it stands to reason that if we insulate everything but our heads, that’s precisely where we will lose the most amount of heat.

Wow! This girl makes good sense”, (is what you’re probably thinking) “I should go buy a hat right now!”

Whoa!” (is what I’d say) Pump the brakes! First let me tell you about this season’s cutest hats!”


1. The crocheted beanie: Are you trendy, urban, and globally conscious? Do you drink only Moroccan-imported coffee with a dash of raw sugar and a tablespoon of goat’s milk? Do you wear only responsibly sourced denim and oppose indie music because it’s too mainstream? Consider the crocheted beanie as your choice in headwear.  Paired perfectly with those designer glasses (the one’s with thick frames that you wear even though your eyesight is 20/20) you’ll make a statement to the world and stay cozy at the same time. Crocheted or knitted, plain or bedazzled, the beanie is an excellent choice when it comes to keeping warm this season. (Check out some different types of beanies at Target, FOREVER 21 and Francesca’s)

2. The bucket hat (also known as the cloche): My personal favorite, the bucket hat is reminiscent of days long past; days when women matched their shoes to their purse and Rock Hudson was the hottest thing since sliced bread (if you don’t know who Rock Hudson is, click here). Nowadays bucket hats have become much more casual and low-key, but they still retain the charm of the 50’s and 60’s. If you possess a more vintage style in terms of your personal fashion, maybe the bucket hat is for you. Though adorable in any material, the felted bucket hat with a low brim is most popular for winter; most hats come with their own adornment but adding a vintage pin or brooch can give your look at eclectic vibe. So if the weather is frightful but want a hat that’s delightful, don’t be afraid to channel Doris Day or Audrey Hepburn in this delightful hat. (Interested in this hat; you can find some different styles at Nordstrom, Macy’s and JCPenny)

goodpic3. The knitted headband: Although it’s technically not a hat (as it leaves the top of your head uncovered) it still is worn to keep your head and ears warm.  In the same class as the beanie when it comes to trendy and urban, the headband is a great alternative if you don’t want flat hat hair.  If you are low-key and unassuming, you can find simple knitted headbands in neutral colors and patterns. For those of you who prefer a little more pizazz around your ears, there are hundreds of different headbands adorned with bows, flowers, beading or sequins. Whether a crocheted headband in grey wool or a hot pink and orange number complete with bejeweled flowers, the knitted headband is ultra feminine and convenient to carry. (Interested in finding the perfect headband for your lovely dome? ThreeBirdNest, Dillard’s and Target have some great selections)

4. The floppy hat: While the floppy hat is last on our list, it definitely is not least. A statement-maker in it’s own right, the floppy hat is glamorous and edgy.  Whether you’re jetting off to Luxemburg for the Christmas holiday or you’re simply popping into the grocery store to pickup some paper towels, the floppy hat is a great winter weather accessory.  Usually found in neutral, natural colors and adorned with only a band or a feather, the large brim frames not only your face but your entire outfit as well. Perfectly paired with an overcoat and boots on a blustery day or worn with a bohemian blouse and fur vest for a shopping trip with the girls. A word of warning: the floppy hat is not for the faint of heart- it definitely takes some attitude to pull it off. (Check out some floppy styles at Nordstrom, American Apparel, and Amazon)

There you have it; the four most popular styles in headwear this season. Now longer do you have an excuse to be without a chic chapeau!  If I have forgotten or failed to mention your cap of choice, please don’t hesitate to comment or post a picture; we’d love to hear about your haute headwear!

Merry Christmas!


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