A Variation of Chestnuts Roasting


How I envision the lyrics to ‘Chestnuts Roasting’ (Also known as ‘The Christmas Song’) changing to fit the craziness of Black Friday-

Check out hot new styles to the highest buyer

Just in! Half price on nylon panty hose

Holiday stress levels couldn’t be any higher

But that’s the fun of Christmas I suppose

Everybody knows some leftover turkey and a little mayo 

Make a thanksgiving sandwich disappear in just one bite

Finding a parking spot outside Macy’s might be slow 

So it’s a good thing you’ve been standing in line for half the night

We know that discounts and savings will make our day

We’ve got a double shot Eggnog Latte to chase sleep away

And every mother’s child is going to cry

‘Cause Target sold out of all action figures except Hawk Eye 

Even so, amidst this yearly Holiday shopping craze

Remember to keep a compassionate point of view 

Just keep in mind the people who work on this day

Really don’t want to deal with a crazy you!

Happy Holidays!


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