Let’s Get Ready to Gobble!

We now have entered the season of family, food, and Thanksgiving. From now until the New Year we will be gathering, eating and enjoying holiday festivities with our loved ones. While your radio is probably already playing Christmas tunes and your local Macy’s looks like like the North Pole, there is still that special holiday in November that we sometimes tend to fly right through. Thanksgiving is right around the corner making tummies rumble all over the country.

Being the fashion forward individuals we are, the importance of presentation in everything is a given. The holidays are a prefect time to put your creativity and fashion sense to the test. Here are some tips on hosting a Thanksgiving that will be memorable for all your guests:

Dress the table: “Stoke the fire, break out the silver, wake the china.” Potts, Mrs. It’s only one (or two counting Christmas) days a year. Use your special plates, glasses and silverware and set the stage for that turkey centerpiece. You wouldn’t put on a play without lights, mics, and costumes would you? Napkins, rings, candles, a salad AND a dinner plate; they all make a boring table look great and “gather-able.”


Image from Metacafe.com

Fashion the Food: Like we stated above, presentation is everything. Even the worst cooks can make food look good. Take the extra step to garnish, toss and glaze. This will take your meal to the next level adding color and texture to your cornucopia of deliciousness. So grab your prettiest platters, salad bowls, and serving spoons.

Make memories: Add a special touch to your dinnertime. My mom has created a tradition at Thanksgiving that all in attendance have come to know. She sets a verse at every plate and before our meal, we will go around the table sharing our verse along with something we are thankful for. It is a nice time to reflect together on our blessings, and get everyone involved. Be creative and come up with something that everyone can partake in. It may seem awkward at first, but in the end you will only remember the special memories and moments of the time around the table.

An overall Holiday Hosting tip: Don’t just set the table, set the stage! Look through Pinterest, home décor magazines, and even store fronts for ideas on taking your table to the next level. There are loads of cute and creative ways to add a little something extra to the standard place setting. Check out some of these pins from Pinterest….


Image from Pinterest


Image from Pinterest


Image from Pinterest

See how those extra details make a big impact. Get some small pumpkins when you are at the super market getting your ingredients or ask your kids to search for the prettiest leaves while they are playing outside. These are elements of fall and will bring the warm textures, smells, and colors into your home for all to enjoy.

Share your creative ideas with us! Do you have any special Thanksgiving traditions? Tell us below or on our Facebook page. For more Holiday decorating ideas follow us on Pinterest.

Have a Magical Day!