fAsHiOn WeEk: Seattle

Happy Fall Fashion lovers!

Gone are the slub t-shirts and the sandals of summer! Departed are the worn-out shorts and the beach-bags with the little palm trees on them! Last sunday marks the first day of a season that promises falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course beautiful fall fashion!happy fall

This last week Lemonzest and Pearls was lucky enough to attended not one but two fashion shows in the greater city of Seattle. The first of these was the 2nd Annual Rock the Runway Fashion Show located in downtown Seattle, where popular retailers like Barney’s New York and Nordstrom showed off their newest fall collections. In addition to the name brand stores, the show also included some popular local retailers like The Finerie, SandyLew, Pala Pala, Twist and Emilie Sloan. As the movers and shakers of Seattle flocked to the runway to listen to the MC (a very lovely, very large man dressed in a stunning green sequin gown) I was backstage helping the models get ready while sneaking a first hand glimpse at what Seattle fashion has to offer for fall.  Deep burgundy, grey, taupe, mustard, forest green, black; all the colors expected in a fall collection were present, paired with surprisingly softer shades of baby pink and cream. While the silhouettes and styles varied with each designer, a definite urban theme could be seen as each model walked down the runway. There was a heavy influence of leather, suede and animal print in outwear and bottoms, as well as thick knitted sweaters and jackets, woolens with fun prints and colorful leg-wear.

Picture from the Met Pages.

Picture from the Met Pages.

Men’s clothing was also featured and the male models could be seen sporting looks for active wear, casual wear and evening wear (my favorite). Over all, the featured looks were fun and current, show was a success and everyone had a great time! Plus, the proceeds went to the Seattle Junior League, a club that seeks to improve their community through volunteer services.  [A special thanks to the Seattle Met and Pacific Place for putting on such a fabulous show]

The Kirkland Fashion Night was the next show I was able to attend thanks to my friends at 425magazine. In contrast to the Rock the Runway Show in Seattle  (which was held on the main floor of the upscale Pacific Place mall) the Kirkland show was a tented affair, complete with intimate lighting and striking centerpieces.  VIP guests were seated surrounding a short runway, while many of the retailers and sponsors had their own table where they could take in the show. The tent was brimming with excitement as the Master of Ceremonies (the former Miss Washington) addressed the crowd and introduced the retailers; as soon as she left the stage, the lights dimmed and the music began. Starting off the show were two very shapely models outfitted in black lingerie and ornate masks, followed close behind by ladies sporting pajama and loungewear. As the tempo of the music picked up, the models fell into a pattern- one after the other went sashaying down to the end of the runway where they paused just long enough to showcase a new look garment;  my favorite was a clingy red pencil skirt paired with a long black jacket that could be unzipped to change into a short, cropped jacket.

Because many of the retailers cater to all types of women, there was considerable variation among what was worn in terms of age-appropriateness, size and style. Casual, outdoor, lounge, and evening wear were all present of the runway, though each retailer demonstrated their own uniqueness. Menswear and dog wear also made an appearance at the show, and one memorable pug wanted to linger onstage because he received some tasty treats from the audience. As the show came at an end, the grand finale was a model walking down in a beautiful trumpet-style, off white wedding gown, her train being held by bridesmaids in evening wear. Following close behind the bridal party, the rest of the models (except for the dogs) hit the catwalk to show off their garments one last time. Much like the Rock the Runway show, the colors were appropriate for the fall season and the overall vibe was urban, chic and trendy. Oversized felted hats and boots, as well as layered looks like sweaters paired with belts paired with scarves and sometimes topped off with a vest could be consistently seen on the catwalk. The retailers did a great job selecting their garments, and I admit I am tempted to head back to Kirkland for a little fashion show of my own.

Here’s the a list of the show’s retailers if you want to be tempted too :

So if you are in the area next fall, make a plan to attend both the Rock the Runway Show and Kirkland Fashion night; they’re a great reason to get dressed up, mingle with interesting people, and see what’s hot in fashion.

Oh, and if you were wondering….dog wear is so in.

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