Dig Deeper: A Focus on “Grunge Chic”

Hopefully you have read our recent post Just Say “Yes” and learned a little about what trends are hitting the streets this fall. Fashion seems to be turning into some new and inspired styles and, if your like me, you can’t help but be anxious to test the waters; but where to start? No fear! We are here to guide you on how you can integrate these Fall 2013 trends into your personal style. We will start today with the “grunge chic” look that seems to be making a come back from the 90’s. Now before you go to your closet and “rub some dirt on it,” here are some ideas on how to pull of this rather sloppy idea in a chic and appropriate way.

The concept of “grunge chic” is to mix casual and posh pieces. Depending on the occasion, you may need more posh than casual or via versus. Here’s what I mean…

gringe chic 1

Image from shopplanetblue.com

The image to the left is a great example of using more posh pieces in your grunge chic outfit. She wears a pair of knock-out gold slim pants with a patterned open blazer; but wait… she also has on those combat style black boots adding that touch of grunge, and looking ever so chic.

grunge chic 2

Image from Vouge

A grunge chic look from the runway, we have the same idea on the right. The long sparkle skirt incorporates the fall shiny fabric trend and the red and blue plaid blouse, that has a similar structure to a blazer, incorporates the grunge trend. The sheer fabric brings elegance toning down, but not eliminating the grunge factor.

Taking it to the next level involves lots of layering, hats, and choosing colors like navy, hunter green, denim, black leather and deep reds. We see fur jackets mixed with graphic tees, ripped jeans, leather pants, black tights with shorts, army green jackets, leather boots and plaid flannel button downs.

grunge chic 3

Image from Socialbliss

I love the two girls on the left. They are styled, and have a mix of fun pieces that overall pull off an amazing grunge chic look. On the more carefree and casual side for sure, but their style is not sloppy.

grunge chic4

Image from pretaporte.tumblir.com

On the right… here comes the leather and plaid! See how she mixed the clean white graphic tee under the leather jacket, and wore those clean dark denim skinnies with black stilettos. All very simple and sleek, but then she added that plaid flannel button down around her waist mixing it up and bringing on the grunge. It changed the whole vibe of her outfit from “hot tough girl” to “laid back and lovin it.”


Image from pinterest.com

Whether you just want a touch of this trend or want to go all out with smudged black eyeliner and perhaps a lip ring or two, there are plenty of grunge chic pieces you will see in the stores this fall. Maybe pick up a plaid flannel button down, some graphic tees and a leather something (pants, jacket, bag, boots…)

Check our our Pinterest Grunge Chic board for more looks to love. We hope to inspire you to try the trend. Show us what you come up with and post pics to our FB page!

Have a Magical Day!


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