Waiting for a Rainy Day

How we think we look with an umbrella.

How we think we look with an umbrella.

“And it looks like we’ll have clear skies over the next three days…….with a slight chance of precipitation”.

Have you ever heard your local weatherman say something like this? Clear skies? More like torrential downpour. Slight precipitation? How about rain that hasn’t been seen since the days of Noah. Lets face it- when it comes to the reliability of your weather station, it’s best to be prepared for any type of weather. You can however, count on seasonal change, which happens whether the news reports on it or not.  Currently we are moving from summer to fall and here in the northwest, the end of summer means the beginning of rainy season. [Actually every season in Seattle is rainy season, but August is the beginning so that’s where we’ll start.] With the rain comes the water and the water means damp clothes, dripping hair and soggy pant hems (the worst!!).  Thankfully, some genius thought up rubber boots and thus our pants were saved!  Huzaah!!! Regardless of where you live it’s essential you have the proper rainwear attire, because you never know when you’ll get caught in the rain…with pina-coladas (if you don’t know what I’m referencing to, please follow this link- (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WkR2Tv4dq4)

When building your rainy day wardrobe, I suggest you start with rain boots; not only are they a foundational piece but they come in a plethora of styles, colors and patterns; there are even cowboy inspired rain boots!cowboy boots If you are a fashionista on a budget, you can find cute and affordable boots at any Target through their Merona line or at Walmart in their active shoe aisle.

If you have a little more wiggle room in your wallet, Burberry carries their beautiful trademark plaid rain boots in a variety of materials and styles.  If there is only a little wiggle in your wallet I would suggest investing in a good pair of Ralph Lauren rain boots, which can be found reasonably priced on Amazon.  Not only can these booties be such cuties, they save your pants from being dragged through the elements (yay!).

Burberry Boots

Burberry Boots

(Side Note: While you might want to upgrade those rubber boots for leather ones, I would encourage you to stick to the synthetic variety; well-made leather boots are a wardrobe necessity, but why risk exposing them to the elements when you can just wear replaceable rubber boots?)

 Your next important piece of rainwear attire is the much-acclaimed raincoat. I love raincoats; they signify not only a seasonal change, but a fashion shift as well.  To me, raincoats mean crisp breezes, falling orange leaves and a cinnamon dolce latte in the corner of Starbucks. They also mean elevated style; no longer do we have to shun this waterproof coat for fear of looking like a tuna boat captain (although that neon yellow is an eye-catcher, don’t you think?) No, raincoats like rain boots, have become more elevated and fashion-forward. fashion raincoatsThe most popular (and in my opinion classic) type of raincoat is the trench coat, which has a more structured and militaristic style. The trench coat is such a popular form of outwear that foul weather is no longer a requirement for wearing them; in fact, most trench coats are used as a ‘piece de resistance’ to many a basic look, adding that final touch of sophistication that was otherwise missing.

The final, and ultimately the most important piece of the rain gear is the umbrella. Why is it most important you ask?  Simple- because the weather is unpredictable and only God knows if there will be partial showers or clear skies. And since the weather can change so abruptly and you don’t wear rain boots and trench coats 24-7, an umbrella is a convenient way to be prepared for the elements. Plus they’re super cute, come in a convenient travel size and you can pretend to be Mary Poppins when no body is looking. mary poppins

There you have it- three important rainy weather accessories. I encourage you to invest in all three; they are great protection from damp clothes and dripping hair and also add a little cool weather charm to any outfit (I just brought a beautiful Calvin Klein trench that looks great dressed up or down). If you already have all three, congratulations on being so well prepared. If you don’t own and don’t plan on owning these rainproof essentials any time soon, just watch- God has a sense of humor, and like I said earlier, only He knows the weather.

So please buy an umbrella.



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