Designer Highlight: Elie Saab


 When it comes to designers, I don’t like to stretch myself; I have a handful of favorites that I follow devotedly (specifically Oscar de la Renta, Alexander McQueen, Monique Lhuillier and Marchesa) and I rarely feel the need to look elsewhere.

But how can I call myself a lover of fashion if I am not willing to look outside of my chosen few? In fact, how can I write in a fashion blog if I can’t look at other designers? That is the point of designer highlights; to feature people who have masterfully created art out of only fabric and thread and sequins….                                    

And so, with minor hesitation I resolved to research and ultimately embrace some new talent- and let me tell you, I was not disappointed because I think I may have found a new favorite. This week’s designer highlight is featuring the incredible Elie Saab.

   Elie Saab  

Born in Beirut, Lebanon to a family of wood merchants, Elie was nine years old when he started making dresses for his sisters. In 1981 at the age of 17, he traveled to Paris with the intention to study fashion, but grew impatient with the desire to start his own collection. He returned to Beirut and launched his own line of bridal and evening wear; his designs were comprised of rich fabrics, ribbons, and beadwork with a heavy influence of western and eastern culture.

The essence of femininity and romanticism, Saab’s masterful comprehension of the female form gained him celebrity status and soon he was creating gowns for women all over the world. In 1997, he was accepted as the only non-Italian member of the Camera Nazionale della Moda, an association that regulates and promotes Italian fashion and fashion shows throughout Milan. After his reception into the CNMI, Saab experienced a highlight of successes; he premiered his first official collection in Rome, launched his ready-to-wear line in Milan, and held a fashion show in Monaco (attended by Princess Stephanie of Monaco). He is a member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture and showcased his first haute couture collection in 2003.

ELIE-SAAB-FALL-2010-COUTURE-1Currently, Elie Saab has dressed numerous royals and countless celebrities, some of the most notable being Queen Rania of Jordan for her coronation and Halle Berry in event of her nomination for an Oscar 2002. To date, his design headquarters are stationed in his home city of Beirut, but he has offices in New York and Paris, as well as over 60 boutiques located internationally.  He recently debuted his signature fragrance “Le Parfum” which seeks to mirror the femininity and whimsy that is found in each one of his exquisite designs.

Elie Saab Fall Collection 2013

Elie Saab Fall Collection 2013

His newest fall 2013 collection can be viewed on his website [] and encompasses all of his customary starry-eyed romanticism and delicate elegance.  I invite to you look at his new collection; maybe you will find a new favorite designer as well.



Do You Have the Time?

It seems part of our theme here at Lemonzest and Pearls is “so little time, so much to do.” When you are in the midst of a busy stage of life, keeping a schedule and staying on time and on track is essential for day to day life. After-all, “fashionably late” can only go so far and “better late then never” gets old fast. This is why I love a good watch. Functional fashion, two words that sum up one piece with so many possibilities. Watches sometimes get forgotten in the accessory category. From glamor to sport, watches come in all shapes and sizes, and can be worn with any wardrobe adding extra detail and punctuality to your look.

fossill 5

Image from

My favorite watches are Fossil. Fossil makes many different styles, faces, and unique bands from leather to ceramic. You can find one that speaks to you whether your style is sporty, preppy, trendy, fancy, or a little bit of everything. Watches with diamonds, different color faces, interchangeable bands, thick chain, thin chain, over-sized face, square face… its all here. And with their affordable prices and unbelievable warranty you can’t go wrong. Be careful… they are addicting!

watch MK

Image from Michael Kors

Another popular brand for watches is Michael Kors. I’m sure you have seen one in every fashion magazine you have opened, the classic style is very popular and seems to be just as much of a wardrobe staple as the Michael Kors bag itself. I love the clean, classic and slightly masculine look Michael Kors includes in his watch designs. They look great against any outfit, and there is not much you can do to make them better. The Michael Kors watch is just “a goody.”

puma watch

Image from

If you are the sporty type, there are plenty of popular watches that can track your workouts, your heart rate, and distance. Whether you just want something to wear with your new sneaks, or if your trying to reach a distance goal or beat your best time, there’s a watch that’s “fit” for you. Brands like Puma, Nike, and Garmin are all great for keeping you on “track” and on time.

Whichever style you choose, add some texture with a bracelet…or five 😉 and do try to ensure your metals match in your outfit. Earrings, necklaces, even belt buckles should all coordinate to visually pull your look together. Think of these pieces as connections that, despite whats going on in between, tie together and keep your look grounded.


Image from Lucky Magazine

Pick your fancy and “watch” and see just how much fashion, fun, and punctuality you can add to your personal style.

Have a Magical Day!


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“Come and Get it…..” Selena’s Style

Selena Gomez has made her way from a Disney it girl, to a Hollywood heart breaker. Despite the wrath she got from the Biebster’s fans during their on again off again relationship, Selena seems to be loved by all. From TV series like Barney and Friends and Wizards of Waverly Place, to music like Disney channel cover tracks and records of her very own, Selena has made it happen and become a star.

Selena Disney

Image from Teen Vogue

At the 2013 VMA’s Selena received The Best Pop Video award for her newest single “When your Ready Come and Get it.” The award just confirmed the huge success of the song, but music isn’t all Selena has going for her. Her personal style is something to pay attention to. Selena’s fashion is right on. She dresses trend right, appropriate, and looks comfortable in her own skin. Her confidence radiates though her wardrobe whether she is walking down the red carpet, or out the door of Starbucks. Selena’s style is simple, elegant, and comfortable.

Selena’s red carpet looks can be summed up with the word “Elegant.” The pieces she chooses to wear have enough detail and WOW factor to hold their own. She doesn’t often need many accessories, keeping her outfits simple and uncomplicated. Selena’s best accessory is her own true beauty, and that’s what we love about her!

selena elegant layout

Selena Gomez’s Elegant Style


Selena Gomez’s Elegant Style

Even on the streets Selena stays true to herself. Her comfortable, casual look makes her seem “for real” and down to earth. Combat style boots, denim, scarves, and slouchy tops seem to be her thing. Shes got edge that’s for sure; and might I add she is great at pulling off the Grunge Chic look 🙂

Selena Casual

Selena Gomez’s Casual Style

Selena casual 2

Selena Gomez’s Casual Style

There you have it, Selena is a Style star. She seems to be conscious of looking appropriate for her age, the occasion, and her own personal style. Those qualities alone make her an amazing style role model. Whats your favorite look of Selena’s? Post here or on our Facebook page 🙂

Have a Magical Day!


Dig Deeper: A Focus on “Grunge Chic”

Hopefully you have read our recent post Just Say “Yes” and learned a little about what trends are hitting the streets this fall. Fashion seems to be turning into some new and inspired styles and, if your like me, you can’t help but be anxious to test the waters; but where to start? No fear! We are here to guide you on how you can integrate these Fall 2013 trends into your personal style. We will start today with the “grunge chic” look that seems to be making a come back from the 90’s. Now before you go to your closet and “rub some dirt on it,” here are some ideas on how to pull of this rather sloppy idea in a chic and appropriate way.

The concept of “grunge chic” is to mix casual and posh pieces. Depending on the occasion, you may need more posh than casual or via versus. Here’s what I mean…

gringe chic 1

Image from

The image to the left is a great example of using more posh pieces in your grunge chic outfit. She wears a pair of knock-out gold slim pants with a patterned open blazer; but wait… she also has on those combat style black boots adding that touch of grunge, and looking ever so chic.

grunge chic 2

Image from Vouge

A grunge chic look from the runway, we have the same idea on the right. The long sparkle skirt incorporates the fall shiny fabric trend and the red and blue plaid blouse, that has a similar structure to a blazer, incorporates the grunge trend. The sheer fabric brings elegance toning down, but not eliminating the grunge factor.

Taking it to the next level involves lots of layering, hats, and choosing colors like navy, hunter green, denim, black leather and deep reds. We see fur jackets mixed with graphic tees, ripped jeans, leather pants, black tights with shorts, army green jackets, leather boots and plaid flannel button downs.

grunge chic 3

Image from Socialbliss

I love the two girls on the left. They are styled, and have a mix of fun pieces that overall pull off an amazing grunge chic look. On the more carefree and casual side for sure, but their style is not sloppy.

grunge chic4

Image from

On the right… here comes the leather and plaid! See how she mixed the clean white graphic tee under the leather jacket, and wore those clean dark denim skinnies with black stilettos. All very simple and sleek, but then she added that plaid flannel button down around her waist mixing it up and bringing on the grunge. It changed the whole vibe of her outfit from “hot tough girl” to “laid back and lovin it.”

Image from

Whether you just want a touch of this trend or want to go all out with smudged black eyeliner and perhaps a lip ring or two, there are plenty of grunge chic pieces you will see in the stores this fall. Maybe pick up a plaid flannel button down, some graphic tees and a leather something (pants, jacket, bag, boots…)

Check our our Pinterest Grunge Chic board for more looks to love. We hope to inspire you to try the trend. Show us what you come up with and post pics to our FB page!

Have a Magical Day!


Waiting for a Rainy Day

How we think we look with an umbrella.

How we think we look with an umbrella.

“And it looks like we’ll have clear skies over the next three days…….with a slight chance of precipitation”.

Have you ever heard your local weatherman say something like this? Clear skies? More like torrential downpour. Slight precipitation? How about rain that hasn’t been seen since the days of Noah. Lets face it- when it comes to the reliability of your weather station, it’s best to be prepared for any type of weather. You can however, count on seasonal change, which happens whether the news reports on it or not.  Currently we are moving from summer to fall and here in the northwest, the end of summer means the beginning of rainy season. [Actually every season in Seattle is rainy season, but August is the beginning so that’s where we’ll start.] With the rain comes the water and the water means damp clothes, dripping hair and soggy pant hems (the worst!!).  Thankfully, some genius thought up rubber boots and thus our pants were saved!  Huzaah!!! Regardless of where you live it’s essential you have the proper rainwear attire, because you never know when you’ll get caught in the rain…with pina-coladas (if you don’t know what I’m referencing to, please follow this link- (

When building your rainy day wardrobe, I suggest you start with rain boots; not only are they a foundational piece but they come in a plethora of styles, colors and patterns; there are even cowboy inspired rain boots!cowboy boots If you are a fashionista on a budget, you can find cute and affordable boots at any Target through their Merona line or at Walmart in their active shoe aisle.

If you have a little more wiggle room in your wallet, Burberry carries their beautiful trademark plaid rain boots in a variety of materials and styles.  If there is only a little wiggle in your wallet I would suggest investing in a good pair of Ralph Lauren rain boots, which can be found reasonably priced on Amazon.  Not only can these booties be such cuties, they save your pants from being dragged through the elements (yay!).

Burberry Boots

Burberry Boots

(Side Note: While you might want to upgrade those rubber boots for leather ones, I would encourage you to stick to the synthetic variety; well-made leather boots are a wardrobe necessity, but why risk exposing them to the elements when you can just wear replaceable rubber boots?)

 Your next important piece of rainwear attire is the much-acclaimed raincoat. I love raincoats; they signify not only a seasonal change, but a fashion shift as well.  To me, raincoats mean crisp breezes, falling orange leaves and a cinnamon dolce latte in the corner of Starbucks. They also mean elevated style; no longer do we have to shun this waterproof coat for fear of looking like a tuna boat captain (although that neon yellow is an eye-catcher, don’t you think?) No, raincoats like rain boots, have become more elevated and fashion-forward. fashion raincoatsThe most popular (and in my opinion classic) type of raincoat is the trench coat, which has a more structured and militaristic style. The trench coat is such a popular form of outwear that foul weather is no longer a requirement for wearing them; in fact, most trench coats are used as a ‘piece de resistance’ to many a basic look, adding that final touch of sophistication that was otherwise missing.

The final, and ultimately the most important piece of the rain gear is the umbrella. Why is it most important you ask?  Simple- because the weather is unpredictable and only God knows if there will be partial showers or clear skies. And since the weather can change so abruptly and you don’t wear rain boots and trench coats 24-7, an umbrella is a convenient way to be prepared for the elements. Plus they’re super cute, come in a convenient travel size and you can pretend to be Mary Poppins when no body is looking. mary poppins

There you have it- three important rainy weather accessories. I encourage you to invest in all three; they are great protection from damp clothes and dripping hair and also add a little cool weather charm to any outfit (I just brought a beautiful Calvin Klein trench that looks great dressed up or down). If you already have all three, congratulations on being so well prepared. If you don’t own and don’t plan on owning these rainproof essentials any time soon, just watch- God has a sense of humor, and like I said earlier, only He knows the weather.

So please buy an umbrella.



Convienant Style: Embellished Tops

With so much to do and so little time, as we discussed in “Shop…Don’t Drop”, whenever you are able to kill two birds with one stone it gives you a good feeling that you are getting things accomplished. We all want to look our best and sometimes ensuring we are up to par on dressing, styling, and separating our looks gets overwhelming (see How to Dress in a Way that Says… “Go You”!.) That’s why I love the concept of an embellished top. No need to add an accessory here. Embellished tops serve the purpose of dressing and styling in one simple piece.

From lightweight sweaters to simple tees, the embellished top will make its way once again into fall fashion. Here are some great tops I found and links for where to buy 🙂 Happy shopping!

Have a Magical Day!


embelish 4

Top from LOFT 


embelish 7

Top from J Crew

embelish 2

embelish 6
Top from J Crew
embelish 3

Top from LOFT

emelish 4

Get Started with Fall: Pantone’s Fall 2013 Color Report

Speaking of Fall Fashion….. Take a look at Pantone’s 2013 Fall Fashion Color Report.

Its already August and September will be here in the blink of an eye. We need to start our prep work so we’re ready to take on this new season.

Pantone’s color report is a survey of famous designers who give their expertise every year on what colors will be the highlight of each season. Click here to download the report, read it through, and see what these fabulous designers have to say about this years color trends.

What colors are you looking forward to this fall?

What are your favorite fall pieces to wear?

Personally, may favorite fall pieces are boots and patterned scarves. I can’t wait to add more drama and depth to my style with these deep tones and expressive colors. 🙂

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