The Touchdown of Sporty Chic

Women everywhere are trading in their drawstring sweatpants and bagging t-shirts for bold stripes, sporty jackets, and high top high heels. From white piping, leather baseball caps, athletic inspired shoes, and graphic tees, the sporty chic trend is gaining traction and going for the gold. Designers all over are “mashing” together your athletic wear with your Sunday best, giving it sophistication, structure, and a shot at the coolest new trend of the season.

So how can you rock the sporty look? Keep the “mash up” in mind. A striped dress with your low vans sneakers, cut off jean shorts with a graphic tee and stylish varsity jacket, or a pair of high heel high tops with your favorite silk parachute crops or shorts.  These are all ideas you can use to incorporate sporty chic into your look. Just add a few pieces to your wardrobe and start to mix and match what you already have.

Here are a few basics you can add to your wardrobe:

Varsity Jacket in Black

Image from “Oxygen Boutique

The Varsity Style Jacket: A great way to bring structure to a casual look or, bring casual chic to your otherwise dressy attire, like a dress or skirt.

Bold Stripes: Bold strips and colors are in athletic wear everywhere. From pinstriped team jerseys to neon running gear, the use of either will bring some sport into your style. Look for pieces with pin striping, piping, or color blocking.


Image from “Via Los Angeles

Athletic Inspired Heels: These are very unique and are becoming evermore popular. Try them out. They could be totally you, or a total strike out; but they are sure to take your sporty look to new heights.

Floral Cap

Image from “TeenVogue

Chic Baseball Cap: Floral patterns, stripes, leather, and unique prints. You can find a chic baseball cap anywhere this season. Build your look around your hat and choose simple pieces on the bottom like a plain tee and denim cut-off shorts. Or double up on sport, and pair it with a varsity jacket and cotton dress.  Have fun and trust me…. YOU DON’T LOOK BAD IN A BASEBALL CAP… embrace it. 🙂

There are loads of ways to bring out the Sporty Spice in you. Play around and have fun with new ideas and bold looks. Try stepping outside the box a little; we know you’ll hit a home run!

Have a Magical Day!


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