Just Say “YES”

A recent conversation with a very wise friend reminded me the power and impact of the word “NO”. Two letters, one syllable, yet so powerful. The word is so definite, so abrupt, and extremely deflating. “NO” is simply overused.

When it comes to fashion, the only way to keep up is to say “YES.” How many times have you seen a new trend and thought, or said out loud, “I would NEVER wear that. What are these people thinking?” only to be buying into that same trend two months later because, oh ya it actually is cool. Been there. Sometimes we put our foot in our mouth when it comes to new styles because well, they are new and unfamiliar. As creatures of habit its what we do. New trends are always around the corner. Unless you want to turn in your “chic card,” you will need not judge and just try. What can it hurt? You may as well be ahead of the game so that when the others do catch up, they will see what you knew all along 😉 Invigorating right?

Here is a list of upcoming 2013 Fall trends to look out for and start thinking about saying “YES” to.

Image from "Glamour"

Image from “Glamour

Blue Shades: Mixing different shades of blue is a huge upcoming trend; so many shades, so little time!

Shiny Fabric: Metallic fabrics, glossy leather, and smooth silhouettes is a must for a fall look that shines.

Super-sized Coats: You will sure be warm this winter. Over-sized outerwear is where its at.

Grunge: patterns like plaid, rock inspired pieces, and irreverent prints help build this layered style.

Impactful Details: Jewels, feathers, appliques and embellishments that steal the show and make the look.

Structural Bags: Boxy shapes, clean lines and sharp edges is what makes these accessories sleek.

Stabilized Shoes: thicker heels, rounded toes, heavier soles, these will make for a more comfortable day. YAY 🙂

Opportunities are everywhere and “NO” stops them in their tracks. Opportunities to learn, try a new food, test a new idea, accomplish something in a different way, meet new people, wear something unique, try a new trend, or push yourself out of your comfort zone, can all be missed by this simple word. I don’t mean to sound like an exerpt from the movie “Yes Man” but we could really learn something from good old Jim Carey. If you say “YES” to an idea you may learn something new, or maybe a better way to accomplish something. if you say “YES” to meeting new people, you could be creating a connection that will lead to great friendships, business ventures, or…. more opportunities! if you say “YES” to something that will push yourself out of your comfort zone, you may realize you are capable of that much more. If you say “YES” to new fashions, your style will always be top notch and fearless. What do you have to loose? NOTHING! What do you have to gain? If nothings else, knowledge. You now know what you like and don’t like, what works and doesn’t. Great! Move on to the next “YES” and learn something else. 🙂

I hope this gets you thinking and excited for what’s to come. This article from FABSUGAR, Fall Fashion Trends 2013” will give you a closer look at each trend. Tell us what trends your unsure about and which ones you are excited to say “YES” to! We can’t wait to hear so post below!!!

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4 Ways to Beat the Heat!


Image from “favim.com

With temps above 90, and the instant fro you get when you step out the door, its safe to say we are literally in the heat of summer. The muggy air, the lethargic energy, the thirst! Not only can it do all that, heat can lead to oily faces, clinging clothes, and crabby attitudes. As much as we would all love to walk around in a bikini all day, sometimes that’s just not practical 😉 Here are four ways to make your days, mood, and style more comfortable in the summer steam.

1. Choose to wear clothing that is made in lightweight fabrics. Cotton, rayon, and linen are good choices and their breath-ability will keep you cool while avoiding embarrassing sweat marks.

2. Sunglasses are always a fun accessory and a constant squint is unattractive and causes wrinkles. Protect your eyes and add flair to your look with the perfect pair. For the proper protection of your peepers, ensure your sunnies offer the following:

-They should be able to block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB light.
-They should cover not only your delicate lids but the surrounding areas. The more protection the better.
-To eliminate glare, make sure your lenses are polarized. This will help while driving and can prevent headaches or migraines.

3. Avoid heavy accessories. Of course our personal style should not suffer because of a few extra degrees. You can still separate your look and keep your accessories light. A simple bracelet, a lightweight necklace, a sunhat. 😉 Any of these will do the trick; and you can always make a statement with some knockout espadrilles or patterned sandals. Here is a cool tutorial from Flamingo Toes on how to update your summer sandals. What a great project to keep cool for a few hours… or more.

Image from " Water INTERface"

Image from ” Water INTERface”

4. Water water water!!! Yes yes yes, I know its annoying to have to drink so much extra, but it is SO important to keep hydrated in the excessive heat. Suck it up and deal with the fact that you will be going to the bathroom an obnoxious amount of time. Your body, skin, and head will thank you.

We hope you are able to beat the heat using some of these tips. Let us know your fashion choices for hot weather, and a bikini doesn’t count 😉 Make sure to check out our Pinterest for more summer style.

Have a Magical Day!


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How to be an Audrey or Marilyn in a Nicki Minaj World

Do you ever feel that fashion these days has gone a little crazy? As if in an attempt to be inventive, designers have gone off the deep end and resorted to create looks that only celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj would wear?

The meat dress....a political statement...or positive atrocity?

The meat dress….a political statement…or positive atrocity?

Does the meat dress of 2010 ring a bell?

Designers are so busy making personal statements through their clothing that the ingenuity of a beautifully constructed garment gets lost in the backlash.

So how do we stay true to fashion in a fresh and fabulous way without getting caught up in the avalanche of meat dresses and personal agendas? This is a question I asked myself every time I open a major fashion magazine to find just plain weird stuff. Models as small as my finger with their shoulders hunched forward and their eyebrows bleached, clothed in what I can only assume to be a pair of leather underwear and half a tank top. Every time I looked at these ads, I think, “Man, I wish I lived in the same era as Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn; they always looked great and they never had green hair”.

BAM. It hit me like the hammer that attaches the studs on a goth girl’s belt; who would be a better fashion adviser than Marilyn and Audrey? Fashion authorities in their day and fashion icons now, their style is timeless, fun, classic and feminine. If they ever felt inadequate in their physical appearance they never let it show; they embraced their womanhood to the fullest and accentuated their femininity in their own unique ways.

Marilyn: Sensually Simple

Standing over the subway grate with a billowing white dress, Marilyn is remembered as sexy, feminine, and beautiful with a classic style. Though she often accentuated her 36-24-36 figure to the extreme, she chose clothes with tailored lengths and clean lines, ensuring that she always looked polished and feminine.

Photo by Pfisterer Pfotography

The stunning Ms. Elizabeth Esau as Marilyn Monroe

She favored pieces by Emilio Pucci and Chanel, but her go-to designer was costume designer William Travilla. The number one rule in dressing like Marilyn is pick one “sexy spot”; a high slit on a skirt or dress, a plunging neckline or bare shoulders. Pick one and only one, pick two and your outfits through (you see what I did there?). By selecting only one area to show a little skin, you’re saying, “Yes, I have sex appeal…but I’m also a lady-So hands off!”.

Dressing like Marilyn Monroe in our current fashion culture can be solidified by only a few simple guidelines-

  • Clean lines (simple, well-tailored and of a classic design)
  • Emphasize your femininity (full or pencil skirts, fitted knit or woven tops and always a pair of heels)
  • Showcase one “sexy spot” (JUST ONE!!)

Follows these simple rules and I guarantee you’ll love the results; after all, it worked for Marilyn!

Audrey: Classically Coy

Audrey Hepburn is our second but equally important style icon. In fact, she might be more relevant than Marilyn as much of what we consider current in fashion today is patterned after what she wore 50 years ago. It’s easy to describe Audrey’s fashion; sweet, playful, innocent, inventive and elegant. Her wardrobe was classic and elegant, and bordered on the basic side. Though many designers would have loved to have her as their own personal muse, it was Hubert de Givenchy that won her as a life-long client. Givenchy captured Audrey’s personality in the clothes he designed for her; his wardrobe portrayed a woman of elegance and intelligence with just a bit of mystery.

Photo by Pfisterer Pfotography

The lovely Ms. Elizabeth Esau channeling Audrey Hepburn

To capture Audrey’s style it is important to include classic yet basic pieces that can be paired with bold accessories.  To exude an Audrey-like confidence, you need only to abide in these simple rules-

  • Build up your basics (cigarette pants, ballet flats, and button-down blouses)
  • Don’t be afraid to rock one bold accessory (chunky necklace, patterned skinny belt, multifunctional scarf)
  • Showcase your greatest accessory- YOU! (Wear clothes that work for you, not the other way around)

Be confident in yourself and don’t try to hide your femininity behind fashion extremes and trends. Audrey stayed true to her fashion sense and she is still emulated as an icon to women of all generations.

So ladies don’t be afraid to dress like a woman… but dress like the woman Marilyn and Audrey would approve of. You don’t have to wear a meat dress to get attention; by simple dressing to accentuate your best features you will get all the right attention you could want (and you wont have to worry about random dog’s staring hungrily at you).  Embrace your womanhood. Maybe like Marilyn and Audrey, you will be remembered for it.


The Butterfly in the Emerald City

The Emerald City

The Emerald City

Hello Friends! I recently made the exciting move to Seattle, that beautiful emerald city surrounded by majestic mountains, unending greenery and vast shimmering waters.  I grew up near this city and have always called it my home even when my address told me otherwise. I often compare my life to that of Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz; Dorothy traveled far and saw many strange things, but always had her eyes set on the Emerald City. Within that glimmering metropolis lay the answer in how to get back home. Much like Dorothy, I have traveled far and wide, seen many strange things and made many an interesting friend, but Seattle always held the answer in how to go home. So, just as Dorothy finally made it back to Kansas, Morgan has finally made it back to Washington. HOORAY! (Also as a side note, I have a dog that looks exactly like Toto…but his name is Petey).

Now that I am fortunate enough to call the greater Seattle area my home once more, I thought I would do some digging into what Seattle has to offer in regards to fashion and fashion designers. Much like any vibrant city, the downtown area has many high-end stores like Coach, Louis Vuitton and my personal favorite, Nordstrom.  But those other cities don’t have Luly Yang.

Born in Taiwan and transplanted to Seattle as a little girl, Luly studied graphic design at the University of Washington and later took a job at an architectural firm. While working at the firm, she participated in a graphical design contest that required the participants to design a garment made of paper. Her entree was a garment patterned after that of a monarch butterfly, complete with a skirt made of wings.

the famous monarch butterfly dress

the famous monarch butterfly dress

Her butterfly creation made Luly realize her true passion; fashion and high couture.  Since making that famous monarch butterfly dress, Luly Yang has expanded her career in fashion design by providing the women of Seattle with custom-made couture that exudes grandeur and sophistication, and maybe a pinch of whimsy. In sharp contrast to the notorious grunge look for which Seattle is known, Luly’s vibrant collections pay homage to the female form and highlights the qualities that make that form so unique. Her custom-made couture gowns and dresses display the range of female attributes in the form of beautifully constructed fabric; innocent, playful, sweet, daring, sensual, dangerous….all of these can be found within her designs. Luly recently partnered with the Fairmont Olympic Hotel where prospective brides and grooms can purchase a event package that not only includes a fabulous venue, but one of Luly’s breathtaking couture gowns. What bride wouldn’t be thrilled to wear a gown designed by a woman who has won the award for Best Custom Dress Designer in the Seattle Bride Magazine seven years in a row?  The Fairmont Olympic Hotel is so excited to have Luly as part of their “Say Yes, and Get the Dress” campaign that they have filled their wall to ceiling front windows with her beautiful designs. I saw them this weekend as I drove through the city; thank goodness I wasn’t driving because I would have surely rear-ended the person in front of me. They were that beautiful.

Luly surrounded by her couture creations

Luly surrounded by her couture creations

I have by no means done justice to the true beauty and master craftsmanship of her work…..I often feel that the proper words I am searching for either don’t exist or my mastery of the english language is sadly lacking. So I can only encourage you to visit her website at lulyyang.com. Or visit  her boutique in the Fairmont Olympic hotel if you happen to be in town. The Emerald City’s nice this time of year …especially now that this Dorothy has finally made it back to Kansas.

~ Morgan

11 Things to do This Summer

With the 4th of July behind us, it seems the summer is flying by fast. Don’t let these precious days slip away. Take advantage of the time that’s left. Here are 11 things to do to make the most of your summer:

1. Start a reading list….. or a book. The idea of a whole list may be overwhelming, but just start with one and you may find yourself on a book binge. 🙂

stack of books

Image from “Wordhoard Communications

2. Clean out your closet and have a garage sale. Take the stylist in you to the streets and merchandise your gently used attire on your driveway. Pay your fashion forward and earn some dough for your new looks 🙂

3. Write your name in the sand. This would require a trip to the beach! Don’t forget your favorite fashion magazines, iPod, and of course…. SUNSCREEN!

4. Do a DIY project for your home. Pinterest has loads of ideas and tutorials on do it yourself projects from furniture to home decor updates. What a great time to put on your tool belt and try them out.

5. Take pictures. With the convenience of camera phones and sharing though instagram, document your summer and share with your friends. You will be happy to look back in the winter when you are cold and sitting in the dark at 5:00 pm.

Yellow lemon

Image from “medimanage.com

6. Catch a late night movie with your favorite someone. Summer movies are known for being the best of the year. After a long day in the sun, a good movie in a cool theater is just the ticket.

7. Try going blonde. If you have always wondered…. now is the time. Try lightening your locks with these natural techniques. If you decide that blondes don’t have more fun, your dark strands will be back by winter.

8. Save some gas and ride your bike. Invest in a cute basket for the front and you’ll be good to go. Think of all the extra exercise you will get and the $ you will save on gas. You can put that toward your closet 🙂

9. Sing around a bonfire. Despite the awkward start, EVERYONE will love it in the end. Just like nobody has met a Christmas carol they didn’t find catchy, nobody has met a bonfire that didn’t make them want to sing. Its just the way it is… KUMBAYA!


Here is a pic of Morgan and I in Chicago a couple summers ago… Memories!

10. Take a vacation. It doesn’t matter if it is just a weekend getaway, or not a getaway at all but a few days off in a row. It is so important for your sanity to take a break and relax. Go up north for a weekend, or on a glam-ping trip. Or if you can’t get away, just take a few consecutive days off and treat yourself to morning coffee on the porch, a day at the beach, and reading in the park.

11. Sign up for a fun run. There are tons of organized runs in the summer. Whether a 5k or whole marathon; it is always fun and a great activity to do friends and family. The challenge is fulfilling and the endorphins from exercise makes you happier 🙂

Let us know what you do this summer! Enjoy these last summer months 🙂

Have a Magical Day!


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The Fashion of the Flag

Happy 4th of July! As we all gather together with family and friends to celebrate the birthday of our country, the American Flag is a prominent focus. July 4th is a great day to learn a little about our flag, and  the history of its design and construction. As fashionistas, we all know a thing or too about presentation, and a flag to present our country… well that needs to be perfect. The fashion of the American Flag evolved as all fashions do.  From thirteen stripes and thirteen stars in 1777, to fifteen stripes and fifteen stars in 1794, back to thirteen stripes and 15 stars in 1818, and finally to thirteen stripes and 50 shining stars since 1960, the flag we know today has been the official design for 53 years.

Betsy Ross was the first designer of the American Flag. She designed and constructed the thirteen stars and thirteen striped flag during the American Revolution. She arranged the thirteen stars in a circle to represent the thirteen colonies, and has shown to distinguish her design from the flag designs to come.

The current design for the American Flag was created by Robert G. Heft in 1958 as a high school project. When his design was accepted by the United States Congress, his teacher decided it was only fair to raise his grade of a B- to an A… (I’d say so.)

American Flag

Image from “ACE Outer Banks”

The official specifications for the size and color shades of the Flag was given in Executive Order 10834, by Dwight D. Eisenhower, on August 21, 1959. According to the article,  “Flag of the United States,” from Wikipedia, these are the official meanings of each color:

Red: Hardiness and Valor

White: Purity and Innocence

Blue: Vigilance, Perseverance, and Justice.

Fashion evolution is everywhere. Especially in something so historical, official and respected; design and make become important and necessary to ensure the proper representation. Just as we dress to impress, and are conscious of how our choices represent who we are, the American Flag represents who we are as a country. From thirteen stars to fifty, our flag has stood and still stands for growth, freedom, strength, and unity.

forth of july 2

I will leave you with an outfit I put together to wear today 🙂 The flag can be worn; and to embrace my “sporty chic” side, I just HAD to have this American Flag baseball cap!

Enjoy the day with your friends and family watching fireworks, barbequing, and celebrating the free country we are blessed to live in! Maybe teach them a thing or to about the fashion of the flag 😉

Have a Magical Day!


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The Touchdown of Sporty Chic

Women everywhere are trading in their drawstring sweatpants and bagging t-shirts for bold stripes, sporty jackets, and high top high heels. From white piping, leather baseball caps, athletic inspired shoes, and graphic tees, the sporty chic trend is gaining traction and going for the gold. Designers all over are “mashing” together your athletic wear with your Sunday best, giving it sophistication, structure, and a shot at the coolest new trend of the season.

So how can you rock the sporty look? Keep the “mash up” in mind. A striped dress with your low vans sneakers, cut off jean shorts with a graphic tee and stylish varsity jacket, or a pair of high heel high tops with your favorite silk parachute crops or shorts.  These are all ideas you can use to incorporate sporty chic into your look. Just add a few pieces to your wardrobe and start to mix and match what you already have.

Here are a few basics you can add to your wardrobe:

Varsity Jacket in Black

Image from “Oxygen Boutique

The Varsity Style Jacket: A great way to bring structure to a casual look or, bring casual chic to your otherwise dressy attire, like a dress or skirt.

Bold Stripes: Bold strips and colors are in athletic wear everywhere. From pinstriped team jerseys to neon running gear, the use of either will bring some sport into your style. Look for pieces with pin striping, piping, or color blocking.


Image from “Via Los Angeles

Athletic Inspired Heels: These are very unique and are becoming evermore popular. Try them out. They could be totally you, or a total strike out; but they are sure to take your sporty look to new heights.

Floral Cap

Image from “TeenVogue

Chic Baseball Cap: Floral patterns, stripes, leather, and unique prints. You can find a chic baseball cap anywhere this season. Build your look around your hat and choose simple pieces on the bottom like a plain tee and denim cut-off shorts. Or double up on sport, and pair it with a varsity jacket and cotton dress.  Have fun and trust me…. YOU DON’T LOOK BAD IN A BASEBALL CAP… embrace it. 🙂

There are loads of ways to bring out the Sporty Spice in you. Play around and have fun with new ideas and bold looks. Try stepping outside the box a little; we know you’ll hit a home run!

Have a Magical Day!


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