A Sundressed Summer

Its time to bare those beautiful legs and break out your sundresses, shorts, and skirts! It’s getting hot out there and the less “clingage” the better. 🙂 We’re looking for that light, carefree look with a sun-kissed face and summer glow.

Sundresses are fabulous for those hot summer days. They are easy to throw on and loose enough to breath, eliminating perspiration and that claustrophobic feeling of clinging clothes. These cotton dresses can be un-shapley at times and are perfect to accessorize with a belt. Use that extra fabric to your advantage by bunching it together at the waste or hips, causing it to drape and slouch. When you tie it all together with a belt, or even a scarf, you create shape and femininity giving your look a carefree and relaxed attitude.

Lets take some inspiration from a Disney Classic:

areil pose

Ariel, the little mermaid herself, knows what its like to live both “under the sea” and “warm on the sand.” In the middle of summer, both are important. To the left is the look that inspired my thoughts on sundresses and summer style.

Just look at how Ariel wears a simple cloth and rope still managing to maintain shape, depth, and texture. She just looks ready to have fun, relax and perhaps, “explore that world up above?” 😉

Here are a couple outfits we put together to show you how you can make Ariel’s style “Part of Your World”:

sundress1                           sundress2

Play with your dresses, belts, and scarfs to make it work for you. Try adding aariel flower flower pin to the side of your belt, or for-go the hole and buckle and tie your belt in a knot to hold it together. These variations add character and uniqueness, separating your style. Keep it simple with your accessories adding a sunhat and sandals or, hair piece such as a flower or head band. Be cool this summer and enjoy that sunshine!

Tell us what you think below or on our Facebook page! Try these tips yourself and post what you come up; we want to see your ideas!

The Little Mermaid is releasing from the Disney vault on October 1, 2013. If you are interested… and you SHOULD be…..Pre- Order here!

Have a Magical Day!


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2 thoughts on “A Sundressed Summer

  1. All of the heat and humidity we have been getting makes me feel “under the sea” of sweat. There is nothing more comfortable, and put together, than a sundress on a hot day! Love the idea of the flower on my belt, and will be making that “part of my world” this summer!

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