“Pretty Fly for a White Guy”

Fathers Day; A day to celebrate being “Daddy’s little Princess.” Cause really it all circles back to you….. they are so blessed that they are able to be a father to you…. right? Ok so maybe that’s a bit much 🙂 While I’m sure your father feels blessed to have you as a child, today is all about you being blessed to have them as your #1 DAD. For me, I am lucky to have a Dad who still treats me like a Princess. From teaching me how to ride a bike, to a car, to walking me down the aisle, I am grateful to say he has always been my #1 fan. While I could go on and on bragging about all wonderful things my dad is, (and let me tell you he is great!) this is a place for fashion and I would like to take the opportunity to share the gift of  style and  touch on some 2013 Men summer trends.


Image from “Euro Fashion Magazine

While you may not want your dad testing the waters on all of theses fashion statements, (they may be a tad “bold”) steering him in the direction of what’s hot now can help update his look and keep him “fly.” 😉 Here is a list of some of the top trends on the runways this season:


Image from “Euro Fashion Magazine

1. Stripes

2. Camouflage

3. Neon and vibrant colors

4. Colored Suits


Image from “Esquire

5. Tailored Shorts

6. Patterns

7. Baseball jackets

Many on the list are similar trends in women fashion as well, (see Happy Memorial Day on Camouflage.) but mens style seems to be bright and polished with vibrant colors and tailored cuts. Now I personally don’t know about my dad stepping out in a neon pink suit or head to toe camo; but perhaps he could sport some tailored shorts with a bright colored polo or a cool baseball jacket. Adding some stripes and OR pattern here and there will give a little update without the embarrassment of your dad trying to be a hipster …. we’ve all been there. 😉 Being fashionable is important at any age and Fathers should be allowed to step outside the box and keep up with the times. Variety is the spice of life and sticking to one look is boring. Just ensure they remain supervised while “stepping.”


My Dad’s “Super Flyness”

Help your Dad update his look a little and share some of these tips. We all know men out there that can use a fashion pick me up and as a style savvy daughter, son, or friend, you must bare the burden of steering them in the right direction.

To my Daddy and all the other Dads out there.. Happy Fathers Day! You’re super fly!  😉

Have a Magical Day!


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