The Perfect Summer Accessory

With the hot summer weather, less material in your clothing, and fear of random tan lines, accessorizing your look is just plain difficult. Scarves are too hot, jewelry will make those goofy lines, and that cardigan or cropped jacket will leave you feeling claustrophobic and… sweaty. So what is a trendy girl supposed to do to separate her look? Add a little mystery with a summer hat! 🙂

From Sunhats to fedoras, to baseball caps and that ever so important bike helmet; these headdresses of summer are all part of the fun in the sun. Whether your out for a day at the beach, watching your sons baseball game, attending the Kentucky derby, or cruising around town on your two wheeler, there’s a hat for every occasion.



Not only are hats the perfect accessory this season, they protect your skin and hair from the damage that come with those warm rays. Wearing your chic sunhat is a great way to be healthy, protect your skin, and accessorize your simple summer wardrobe.
We all have heard over and over again the detrimental effect the sun has on your skin. (“Cosmetic Procedures: Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer.”  Web MD) Yet year after year we have fun in the sun “screenless” only to burn, peel and start the process all over again. All you have to do to prevent this irreversible damage, is take two minutes to apply your SPF. It’s like wearing your seat belt. If you don’t wear your seat belt it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get in and accident and be injured, but why risk it?

Sunscreen; it takes two seconds to apply and you will be happy in 20 years when your skin is is cancer-less and most definitely less saggy. Keep it simple and apply when you get out of the shower in place of your body lotion. Carry a small travel size tube in your purse for whenever you think about it, or are heading outdoors. Just do it! Your efforts will pay off in the end. Plus the familiar smell will take you back to those childhood days of playgrounds, sand castles, and cannonballs 🙂 Ahhhh… The joys of summer! (“The 10 Best Sunscreens for Summer 2013,”

Wear your sunscreen, wear your hat, wear your espadrilles, and rock this summer with your flawless skin and and sunny style. 🙂

Check out “5 Hot Hats for Summer” from COSMOPOLITAN to get some ideas.

Have a Magical Day!


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