Back to Basics

basicclothesKeeping in the theme of my counterpart’s recent article, “How to Dress in a Way that Says…Go You”, I thought I’d draw attention to one of the three simple steps, that being the Base step. While Meggan excellently highlighted the ways in which you can style yourself for success, I would like to hone in on the layer that precedes all others and perhaps is the most important one to begin with….The Basics. Many of you might already have an idea of what a basic is, others might have no clue…. in case of either situation let me refresh/inform you.

The Basics. What are they anyway? Basically (haha), a basic is the foundational piece of your wardrobe that acts as the canvas for whatever accent piece you wish to wear. The style or color of your basic should not be determined by the layering pieces nor should the layering pieces be determined by your basics. In fact, the greatest thing about the basic is that it is the ultimate versatility piece; wear it with layers and crazy accessories or simply dress in one or two basic pieces as a standalone. Personally, I love a button blouse with a good pair of jeans (don’t forget black booties and a black vest to add some edge); it’s chic and timeless and I feel great wearing it!

Navy, black, gray, khaki and white are the primary basic colors and usually can be worn throughout the year (with the exception of gray in the summer). To better illustrate, I have compiled a list of what I (and many others) consider to not only be foundational pieces but are mandatory in anyone’s closet.

The Foundational Ten:

  • The button down blouse (i.e white, pinstripe, chambray)
  • The black stiletto/neutral heel/ballet flat
  • The favorite denim pant
  • The little black dress
  • The Camisole
  • The Blazer
  • The Pencil skirt
  • The Classic cardigan
  • The White tee

While you might recognize many if not all of these as basics, it is always good to have a refresher course, right? 🙂 Keep in mind that there are variations to many of these items; for example, the pencil skirt can be easily swapped out for a classic A-line cut, and the favorite denim pant can found in many styles, such as boot cut, slim and skinny. Your preferred styles are relative: as long as the basic is in a classic or timeless shape/cut, you can continue to treat them as foundational pieces for as long as you like. Ideally, you should be able to purchase your basics now and still be able to wear them in twenty years …assuming that clothes are still in :). Who knows? Let me know what you consider the ultimate basic; how do you wear it and why do you love it?


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