A Sundressed Summer

Its time to bare those beautiful legs and break out your sundresses, shorts, and skirts! It’s getting hot out there and the less “clingage” the better. 🙂 We’re looking for that light, carefree look with a sun-kissed face and summer glow.

Sundresses are fabulous for those hot summer days. They are easy to throw on and loose enough to breath, eliminating perspiration and that claustrophobic feeling of clinging clothes. These cotton dresses can be un-shapley at times and are perfect to accessorize with a belt. Use that extra fabric to your advantage by bunching it together at the waste or hips, causing it to drape and slouch. When you tie it all together with a belt, or even a scarf, you create shape and femininity giving your look a carefree and relaxed attitude.

Lets take some inspiration from a Disney Classic:

areil pose

Ariel, the little mermaid herself, knows what its like to live both “under the sea” and “warm on the sand.” In the middle of summer, both are important. To the left is the look that inspired my thoughts on sundresses and summer style.

Just look at how Ariel wears a simple cloth and rope still managing to maintain shape, depth, and texture. She just looks ready to have fun, relax and perhaps, “explore that world up above?” 😉

Here are a couple outfits we put together to show you how you can make Ariel’s style “Part of Your World”:

sundress1                           sundress2

Play with your dresses, belts, and scarfs to make it work for you. Try adding aariel flower flower pin to the side of your belt, or for-go the hole and buckle and tie your belt in a knot to hold it together. These variations add character and uniqueness, separating your style. Keep it simple with your accessories adding a sunhat and sandals or, hair piece such as a flower or head band. Be cool this summer and enjoy that sunshine!

Tell us what you think below or on our Facebook page! Try these tips yourself and post what you come up; we want to see your ideas!

The Little Mermaid is releasing from the Disney vault on October 1, 2013. If you are interested… and you SHOULD be…..Pre- Order here!

Have a Magical Day!


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Don’t Panic, Pack It!

If you are anything like me (meaning your have moved 12 times in 23 years) you will know what it means to pack up a house and move. If you are not like me and have never moved from the home in which you now reside, then hopefully you have been on some sort of trip that has forced you to pack an overnight bag. Hopefully. If you have never been on an overnight trip, please downsize this page, open up a new tab under expedia.com. Return to this article when you have a printed confirmation of your 4 day Disney cruise to Alaska or the Bahamas.

For those of you still reading I’m sure the thought of packing an overnight bag invokes a feeling of either excitement or panic….. or procrastination. For most, packing for a trip brings on feelings of excitement and anticipation as your vacation draws closer, promising to be even better than the last one. However, for others (mainly me) packing stirs up procrastination and panic, with one preceding the other.

In my case, I put off even the thought of packing until the very last minute, which coincides with us leaving for the airport. At that point I panic, grab a duffle bag and literally throw everything in but the cat.

How not to pack.

How not to pack.

And the usually the result is I have to pay extra at the ticket counter because my bag weighs a meager 120 lbs. Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, don’t give up! There’s hope! We can break this vicious cycle! With the help of a well-traveled grandmother, I created a list of must-have items that you shouldn’t leave the country (or home) without.

The first item that should be packed neatly at the bottom of your suitcase is your favorite pair of jeans. Not only are jeans a comfortable and easy basic (see Back to Basics), but they are adaptable to all climates and literally go with everything. If you’re headed for warmer weather trade your long denim pants in for a pair of jeans shorts, or if you have room bring both. If your trip is going to be short one, only bring one or two bottom pieces; there is no need to have a different pant or skirt for each day. In addition to the jean, a windbreaker or a cargo jacket is an excellent piece to add to your duffle bag. I find that if the weather I’m headed towards is uncertain, a water-proof cargo jacket is the safest way to go as an outer layer; plus they usually have big pockets which means more room in your duffle bag for interesting finds….like a Snickers or Butterfinger. Underneath your candy-laden coat, it’s good to have a couple of v-neck t-shirts in basic colors like navy, white or gray. It has been my experience that when on vacation I forget to use my basic motor functions and spill what I’m eating or drinking, therefore an extra shirt always comes in handy [again, remember to keep it to a minimum, you’ll only need two or three]. If you feel that a t-shirt is too plain add a versatile scarf as a pop of color/bib. And if you have it, throw a boyfriend cardigan in your bag as well; I usually wear mine underneath my cargo jacket to prevent hyperthermia while flying with any major airline.

Now to the most important; shoes. This is the one item that I truly struggle to keep to a minimum. The rational side of me says to bring a pair of running shoes and a comfortable flat, while the fashion maven says “GRAB EVERYTHING!! WHAT IF YOU’RE INVITED TO A BALL AND THEN A RODEO!!??!!!”. What can I say……..it’s an internal struggle. But I have managed to narrow it down to three sets of shoes based on the season. If you’re going somewhere warmer, pack running shoes, flats and an opened toed heel. If headed towards a cooler climate, bring running shoes, boots and a closed toed heel.  Easy enough.

The essentials when traveling. The cat's in my carry-on.

The essentials when traveling. The cat’s in my carry-on.

Now I know this should go without saying, but say it I will. ALWAYS bring more underwear and socks than you think you need. This is the only case where excess is acceptable. Don’t be that person that flips their undergarments inside out and opts to wear shoes without socks because you’ll end up traveling alone [sidenote: author does not speak from experience]. Aside from your basic toiletries like a toothbrush and deodorant, your bag should be pretty well packed. I like to throw in a casual dress and a dog-eared copy of Jane Eyre, but that’s just me. Maybe you would rather add a hat (see The Perfect Summer Accessory) and a couple Sudoku puzzles.

I think I will close this article with some words of wisdom about travel and packing from my globe-trotting grandmother….

“Keep it comfortable when you travel”

“Geography dictates your packing”

“Bring lots of chocolate back to your family” (personal favorite)

Hope this is useful!


“Pretty Fly for a White Guy”

Fathers Day; A day to celebrate being “Daddy’s little Princess.” Cause really it all circles back to you….. they are so blessed that they are able to be a father to you…. right? Ok so maybe that’s a bit much 🙂 While I’m sure your father feels blessed to have you as a child, today is all about you being blessed to have them as your #1 DAD. For me, I am lucky to have a Dad who still treats me like a Princess. From teaching me how to ride a bike, to a car, to walking me down the aisle, I am grateful to say he has always been my #1 fan. While I could go on and on bragging about all wonderful things my dad is, (and let me tell you he is great!) this is a place for fashion and I would like to take the opportunity to share the gift of  style and  touch on some 2013 Men summer trends.


Image from “Euro Fashion Magazine

While you may not want your dad testing the waters on all of theses fashion statements, (they may be a tad “bold”) steering him in the direction of what’s hot now can help update his look and keep him “fly.” 😉 Here is a list of some of the top trends on the runways this season:


Image from “Euro Fashion Magazine

1. Stripes

2. Camouflage

3. Neon and vibrant colors

4. Colored Suits


Image from “Esquire

5. Tailored Shorts

6. Patterns

7. Baseball jackets

Many on the list are similar trends in women fashion as well, (see Happy Memorial Day on Camouflage.) but mens style seems to be bright and polished with vibrant colors and tailored cuts. Now I personally don’t know about my dad stepping out in a neon pink suit or head to toe camo; but perhaps he could sport some tailored shorts with a bright colored polo or a cool baseball jacket. Adding some stripes and OR pattern here and there will give a little update without the embarrassment of your dad trying to be a hipster …. we’ve all been there. 😉 Being fashionable is important at any age and Fathers should be allowed to step outside the box and keep up with the times. Variety is the spice of life and sticking to one look is boring. Just ensure they remain supervised while “stepping.”


My Dad’s “Super Flyness”

Help your Dad update his look a little and share some of these tips. We all know men out there that can use a fashion pick me up and as a style savvy daughter, son, or friend, you must bare the burden of steering them in the right direction.

To my Daddy and all the other Dads out there.. Happy Fathers Day! You’re super fly!  😉

Have a Magical Day!


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The Perfect Summer Accessory

With the hot summer weather, less material in your clothing, and fear of random tan lines, accessorizing your look is just plain difficult. Scarves are too hot, jewelry will make those goofy lines, and that cardigan or cropped jacket will leave you feeling claustrophobic and… sweaty. So what is a trendy girl supposed to do to separate her look? Add a little mystery with a summer hat! 🙂

From Sunhats to fedoras, to baseball caps and that ever so important bike helmet; these headdresses of summer are all part of the fun in the sun. Whether your out for a day at the beach, watching your sons baseball game, attending the Kentucky derby, or cruising around town on your two wheeler, there’s a hat for every occasion.



Not only are hats the perfect accessory this season, they protect your skin and hair from the damage that come with those warm rays. Wearing your chic sunhat is a great way to be healthy, protect your skin, and accessorize your simple summer wardrobe.
We all have heard over and over again the detrimental effect the sun has on your skin. (“Cosmetic Procedures: Sun Exposure and Skin Cancer.”  Web MD) Yet year after year we have fun in the sun “screenless” only to burn, peel and start the process all over again. All you have to do to prevent this irreversible damage, is take two minutes to apply your SPF. It’s like wearing your seat belt. If you don’t wear your seat belt it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get in and accident and be injured, but why risk it?

Sunscreen; it takes two seconds to apply and you will be happy in 20 years when your skin is is cancer-less and most definitely less saggy. Keep it simple and apply when you get out of the shower in place of your body lotion. Carry a small travel size tube in your purse for whenever you think about it, or are heading outdoors. Just do it! Your efforts will pay off in the end. Plus the familiar smell will take you back to those childhood days of playgrounds, sand castles, and cannonballs 🙂 Ahhhh… The joys of summer! (“The 10 Best Sunscreens for Summer 2013,” Allure.com)

Wear your sunscreen, wear your hat, wear your espadrilles, and rock this summer with your flawless skin and and sunny style. 🙂

Check out “5 Hot Hats for Summer” from COSMOPOLITAN to get some ideas.

Have a Magical Day!


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Shop! ……Don’t Drop ;)

We received a great question from a reader this past week that we are sure is a common conundrum for many of you fashionistas:

“Love your blog, especially for someone such as me who spends most of my time in a kitchen working. This leaves me very little time to shop…. so I try to find the most bang for my buck and maximize my shopping time.  Do you have any tips on where and when is the best time to shop?”

With all the busy schedules, long days, and other things you could spend your money on, time to shop (and the desire for that matter) is sometimes hard to come by. That’s why when you are able to make it happen, you want to make it worth it. The key to successful shopping is only purchasing pieces that will be worn, make you feel great, and add to your wardrobe in a positive and productive way. You want to be able to be proud to call it a good investment. How do we do that you ask? I have broken down four tips to ensure successful shopping adventures.


Image from “FOXY ROXY

1. Get in the Mood: Never shop to buy when you are overly tired, having a “fat day”, or just not in the mood. If you are feeling uninspired or not into it, it can wait. Feelings like these lead you down a road of bad choices and “what was I thinking” moments. You want to be open minded to try new things, try things on, and think reasonably. Try to do some homework beforehand, consider what you are looking for, pre-shop online for where you should look, and also check prices. If you are worried about missing a great sale, check if the stores post upcoming sales and also their price adjustment policy. The best time time to shop is the time that you can focus on you and enjoy the experience stress free. If you are having an off day and feel like nothing is working…. sometimes its best to just call it window shopping and go home empty handed.

2. Stay focused: What are you shopping for? Why did you come here? Ensure you are staying focused on your shopping goals. Sometimes going to the mall overwhelms your senses with beautiful, luxurious, endless glamor. The shoes, the bags, the sweaters, the…… I’m getting carried away (#confessions of a shopaholic.) You want to keep in mind what you really need, and what you intended to add to your wardrobe. This is not to say that you may not find the PERFECT shirt when you are looking for pants or a KILLER bracelet when you really wanted shoes, but these “precautions” help you to stay focused and prevents you from being overwhelmed.

3. Ask for Help: The sales associates are there for a reason, and its not just to refold the same shirt a thousand times 🙂 They want to help and be treated like your personal stylist. Ask them for advice on the newest styles, sizing, and ideas. Each store’s sizing varies dramatically and the associates are your key to finding your fit. They know whats available, the difference in cuts, lengths, and body types, and which pieces work together and which ones don’t. They are knowledgeable on the latest trends and can help if you are looking to step outside the box. Another thing, they are very helpful in where else you can find exactly what you are looking for. Think about it, they work in a mall everyday, pass by other stores, and keep up with competitors. Why wouldn’t they know? And most are very happy to share the “secrets.” 🙂


Image from “InStyle

4. Consider the Investment:When you purchase a piece…or 10 for your wardrobe, the excitement, creative possibilities, and sometimes overwhelming stress of shopping can leave you thinking frantically. Before you do anything rash, you just need to pause and have a thought about what your money is going towards. If you are considering purchasing something only because it is “on sale” or a “great buy”….. you don’t need it. Save your dough to go towards something you really want, like that extra special designer bag you plan to treat yourself to one day.  If you think you would really wear the sale item, ask yourself “would I still buy this if it were full price?” If the answer is no, move on. When considering how much to spend on an item, consider how much you would wear it, how it fits, and how it makes you feel. If you are contemplating a piece that seems pricey, or is more expensive than the one that was “just a little off,” will you be happier with the one that makes you feel awesome and you will wear? or the “great deal” that you will most likely wear once, but then leave in your closet only to buy another to take its place? You see, sometimes you will spend more on three less expensive pieces trying to fill the purpose of one. Invest in basic pieces (read Back to Basics) and don’t be afraid to splurge, these things are “go tos” and will get worn a lot. The trendy things are easier to spend less on because they come and go, and you don’t need them to last a long time. I like to shop trends at Forever 21 and H&M. They carry loads of new styles at affordable prices. They wont last a lifetime, but they will get you through a few seasons. 🙂

Remember your personal style will be ever-changing and you should reasonably build your wardrobe over time. Don’t put too much into one trend cluttering your closet with misfits and “one time uses.” Spread the love and invest wisely. The key to success is being thoughtful in your choices, and confident on your shopping day 🙂 Checkout J’s Everyday Fashion for a shopping guide and great tips on getting the “look for less.”

Do you have any shopping tips and strategies? What are your questions and/or concerns for when you hit the mall? Ask and tell us below, or post to our Facebook page. 🙂

Have a Magical Day!


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San Francisco Revisited

San Francisco….a city filled with bustling vendors, incredible architecture, and of course, its own signature sourdough.This weekend I was fortunate enough to take a trip with my family to San Francisco to tour the facilities of the Oracle, the United State’s “boat” that is completing in this year’s America’s Cup. The America’s Cup originally started out as a race between to opponent yachts  (one yacht being the winner of the previous race and the second yacht being known as the challenger). The competition takes place in the home country of the current champion/defender and thus the race has been held in many countries all over the world. This year the race is taking place in San Francisco Bay, where the defending Oracle (of the Golden Gate Yacht Club) will race their challenger, the Artemis (of the Royal Swedish Yacht Club)


.  Not only will the U.S. and Sweden go toe to toe for the chance to win the Cup, but they will have to surpass five other serious competitors; Team Bar of the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club (U.K.), Team China, Team Emirates of New Zealand, Team Energy of Yacht Club De France, and Italy’s Luna Rossa of the Circolo della Vela Sicilia. The race is scheduled to be held in September and marks the 35th America’s Cup (having originated in 1851). I would encourage you to learn more about this iconic race by visiting their homepage [www.americascup.com].

Yachts weren’t the only thing to be seen in the city this weekend.  The streets were filled with people; some running, some walking, some even riding bicycles naked! Driving through Market Street, people were moving like throngs of cattle, avoiding the possibility of being trampled before they got to their intended destinations. Keen on spotting that specific “urban” style that popular cities are notorious for, I kept my eyes peeled for fashion set apart from the herd. Maybe I was expecting too much, but I feel that the general style was simply…blah. Much like spotting a four leaf clover, an eclectic “San Fran” style is hard to come by, at least on a weekend in June. Most of the  women seem to prefer comfort over couture, and vans, skinny jeans and t-shirts of a mixed color palette was the attire of choice. Not that there weren’t pops of diversity among the throng; I spotted a young woman striding down McAllister St. looking very fresh in black and white spotted Dalmatian skinny pants, a black blouse and a electric blue blazer. And just outside of Bloomingdale’s I saw a pretty blonde woman wearing a navy and gray polka dot long sleeved dress, coordinated with matching grey suede booties. Unsurprisingly, it was menswear that took the cake in regards to fashion excellence; I found most of the men (unless they were homeless) had very coordinated taste, wearing suits or blazers with pressed denim. There were even a couple of dapper gentlemen rocking the bow tie and bowler hat look (such a well-groomed look!).DSCF9045The real treat was to walk up and down streets where the higher end department stores were located (Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks 5th etc). On my last visit to the city I was lucky enough to see not only Oscar de la Renta’s spring line in Neiman’s front windows, but several smaller high-end shops displayed costume pieces to promote opening night for the San Francisco Ballet. And while these costumed treasures were beautiful ( and definitely worth mentioning), more impressive is the actual architecture of the city. A mixing pot of styles,  just by strolling through the streets one can see modern glass skyscrapers built right alongside  1930’s and 40’s apartment buildings. Only a few blocks up, Chinatown offers brightly colored structures set in small alleys, strings of red Chinese lanterns strung across rooftop to rooftop.  Down by the wharf, old piers are being remodeled to preserve their original structure, and old dinners and bars offer a spectacular view of the bay. By the water next to pier, stadium seats are being set up to hold the thousands of America’s Cup spectators that will no doubt flood the city this September.  It is the architecture paired with the nature beauty of the bay that keeps  San Francisco at the top of many a tourist’s bucket list.Alley near ChinatownAll in all, though the general style may be lacking in sophistication and uniqueness, the city itself offers a complexity and individuality that far surpasses any designer’s cutting edge trends. So if you’re ever in California, head over to San Francisco. It’s a great place to people watch, take in some boating if you are there in September, and enjoy some amazing sourdough.


Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens


Image from “Katie Puckrik Smells

Today I thought I would steer clear of informational fashion and just talk about some of my favorite things….like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. No, just kidding! But I do love white dresses with blue satin sashes and snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes (thank you Julie Andrews!). Anyway, today’s article is about my fashion favorites (which include clothes, accessories and designers) and maybe some of yours as well.

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of fashion is cat’s eye sunglasses. Oh man, So chic! You could be wearing nothing but your basic white t-shirt and jeans and still look like you stepped off the cover of Vogue. Pair that with another one of my favorites, the cap toe flat (I found mine at Payless) and you are ready to meet the day looking cool and sophisticated.

Now to my more eccentric tastes. Tutus and flashy jewelry…. my secret fashion passion. Oh how I wish it was socially acceptable to wear loads of jewelry and big tutu skirts. Picture the original intro to the series Sex and the City, where Carrie Bradshaw is walking through the bustling streets in that pink tank top and fabulous white tutu…AWESOME!!!!!

Carrie Bradshaw in her famous tutu

Carrie Bradshaw in her famous tutu

The only thing I would change about that outfit would be the multiple strands of diamonds hanging from her neck and……oh yeah, it’d be me in that outfit, not SJP. Maybe it’s the fact that tutus and jewelry bring back so many good memories of when my sister and I used to play princess dress-up. I’m sure many of you played dress up when you were little, right? Your mom’s old night shirts were extravagant ball gowns and plastic beads were the Queen’s jewels. You were care free, swathed in polyester blend, drinking imaginary tea from old measuring cups and having the time of your life because you felt like a princess. So why couldn’t rocking a tutu and diamonds make us feel special again? Heck, we should have a different tutu for every day of the week! Of course we must wear them with discernment and tact; no need to top it off with a crown or plastic beads anymore.

betsey johnson tutu

A Betsey Johnson masterpiece

Betsey Johnson (one of my favorite designers) has made her mark on  the fashion sphere with her crazy and eccentric styles such as the tutu worn with a biker jacket and boots. Now again, I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable in the boots, but I might give the biker jacket a try (after all it could be considered an accent piece). In my opinion, Carrie’s outfit is truly the only way to play dress-up as a big person and not be looked at like you’re crazy (unless it’s Halloween, which means you have a free pass).

My next fashion icon should be no surprise considering the length of the discussion on tutus….drum role please…….that’s right folks; Barbie!!!! Sure her physical proportions are physically impossible. Sure her mane of blonde hair rivals that of a horse’s tail. But come on, she sure has got style pegged! Complete in a killer outfit that always comes with matching shoes and hand bag, Barbie knows how to dress for success. And she’s been around since 1959! Hope I look that good when I’m her age!  Yes, Barbie brings back wonderful childhood memories and now as an adult I can appreciate the design and creativity put into her wardrobe over that last 54 years. In fact, I think it must have been Barbie and her many dresses that helped unearth my love of beautiful things, and in turn, my love of fashion. Thanks Barbie!

My own Barbie creation

My own Barbie creation

Wow! My fashion favorites seem pretty comical! But I really do like cat’s eye glasses, tutus, jewelry and Barbie! Don’t worry; I have other fashion passions. For example I haven’t even mentioned Oscar De La Renta and he’s is the ULTIMATE DESIGNER. But he deserves an article all to himself, so I’ll save that for another time. I hope this article inspires you to think about your fashion favorites; maybe it’s shoulder pads or those gel sandals with glitter from the 1990’s. Maybe it’s raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. Who knows? But I would love to hear about them!


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Back to Basics

basicclothesKeeping in the theme of my counterpart’s recent article, “How to Dress in a Way that Says…Go You”, I thought I’d draw attention to one of the three simple steps, that being the Base step. While Meggan excellently highlighted the ways in which you can style yourself for success, I would like to hone in on the layer that precedes all others and perhaps is the most important one to begin with….The Basics. Many of you might already have an idea of what a basic is, others might have no clue…. in case of either situation let me refresh/inform you.

The Basics. What are they anyway? Basically (haha), a basic is the foundational piece of your wardrobe that acts as the canvas for whatever accent piece you wish to wear. The style or color of your basic should not be determined by the layering pieces nor should the layering pieces be determined by your basics. In fact, the greatest thing about the basic is that it is the ultimate versatility piece; wear it with layers and crazy accessories or simply dress in one or two basic pieces as a standalone. Personally, I love a button blouse with a good pair of jeans (don’t forget black booties and a black vest to add some edge); it’s chic and timeless and I feel great wearing it!

Navy, black, gray, khaki and white are the primary basic colors and usually can be worn throughout the year (with the exception of gray in the summer). To better illustrate, I have compiled a list of what I (and many others) consider to not only be foundational pieces but are mandatory in anyone’s closet.

The Foundational Ten:

  • The button down blouse (i.e white, pinstripe, chambray)
  • The black stiletto/neutral heel/ballet flat
  • The favorite denim pant
  • The little black dress
  • The Camisole
  • The Blazer
  • The Pencil skirt
  • The Classic cardigan
  • The White tee

While you might recognize many if not all of these as basics, it is always good to have a refresher course, right? 🙂 Keep in mind that there are variations to many of these items; for example, the pencil skirt can be easily swapped out for a classic A-line cut, and the favorite denim pant can found in many styles, such as boot cut, slim and skinny. Your preferred styles are relative: as long as the basic is in a classic or timeless shape/cut, you can continue to treat them as foundational pieces for as long as you like. Ideally, you should be able to purchase your basics now and still be able to wear them in twenty years …assuming that clothes are still in :). Who knows? Let me know what you consider the ultimate basic; how do you wear it and why do you love it?


Wedding Worries No more!

Spring and Summer are here and I’m sure many of your weekends are filling up with bridal showers, bachelorette parties and wedding after wedding. It is always a popular time of year to tie the knot, and while its all love and butterflies for the happy couple, the stress of what to wear can be overwhelming for us guests. No one wants to be “that girl” who shows up in a ball gown to the casual reception in the park 😉 Have no fear, I have broken down several different types of weddings from casual to white tie, and the attire you can wear to feel the love. ❤


Image from “One Fab Day

White or Black Tie: A white tie wedding is the most formal style, closely followed by a black tie affair. Tuxedos, cummberbunds and actual black ties, spiff up the attending men. Ladies can go all out in long evening gowns, fancy cocktail dresses, glamorous hair and makeup, and jewelry that sparkles. Here is your chance for a prom night redo… minus the awkward photo.

Formal: Formal weddings have a bit more flexibility. Men have the option of wearing a dark suit rather than a tuxedo, but a tuxedo is still acceptable and appreciated 🙂 Ladies, you still have the choice of a long evening gown or fancy cocktail dress, but can also get a way with a formal pantsuit. Frankly, I feel that you don’t always get the opportunity to dress like your going to the Oscars, so why not embrace the glamorous duds and leave the suit to your man. Go for the dress!

Semi-formal: Semi formal seems to be the most common dress code for weddings. Generally speaking, women wear cocktail style dresses with a length ranging from just above the knee to tea length. Fabrics like chiffon, silk, and satin are great choices for a semi formal wedding. If you want to do a longer skirt, go for a maxi style in a more casual fabric. Longer dresses tend to have more formal silhouettes and may be more appropriate for a formal or black tie function. Pantsuits are also acceptable choices.

Dressy Casual: Think your Sunday best! Men will be wearing nice pants with a button down shirt and tie, while the women will be dressed with a mix of elegant silhouettes in casual fabric or elegant fabric in more casual silhouettes. The idea of “dressy casual” is a total contradiction. Just keep that in mind as you decide what to wear. Balance your look with formal and casual characteristics and you’ll be good to go!

Casual: Spring and summer wedding are often more casual as many are outdoors.  These are great events for pretty floral prints and, for a casual occasion, fun summer dresses! A skirt or pants with a nice blouse is also acceptable. Men should wear nice pants paired with a button down shirt or even a polo. Linen fabrics are great choices for men.


Image from “Calluna Events

There are some things you should keep in mind no matter what style of wedding you are attending:

  1. For daytime weddings choose brighter colors or fun floral patterns. Evening weddings stick to dark tones and sparkly jewelry. Men should wear a dark suit for evening weddings and a lighter color in the daytime. Linen suits are great for outdoor casual weddings, especially beach weddings.
  2. Your little black dress is ok! In the past it was a fax paus to wear black to a wedding, but these days it is much more acceptable and a perfect piece if you are unsure of the dress code. You can never go wrong with a LBD.
  3. Never wear anything too short, sexy, or revealing. No one wants to be the wedding day hoe. Weddings are classy events that require poise and elegance.
  4. This may seem like a given but no t-shirts or blue jeans are to be worn to a wedding,
  5. NEVER EVER wear white….. just NO!
  6. If your mind is still not at ease with how to dress, take cues from the invitation. Sometimes the style of invitation says it all, even the wording expresses the type of wedding you should expect. A fancy embossed script would probably indicate a more formal wedding, while a beach or garden themed invite may be more casual. As far as the wording goes, if you feel like the Queen of England is asking you to tea…..dig out your prom dress. If you can read it with ease and feel a sense of normal speaking, its probably not a black tie thing 🙂

There you have it, a stress free guide to your wedding worries 😉 Remember to Dress, Style, and Separate as you choose your looks and you are sure to shine! (See “How to Dress in a Way the Says… Go You!”) Although we all want to feel and look our best, the most important thing to bring to a wedding is your love and support for the happy couple. They invited you to be part of their special day because they wanted you to be part of the celebration. Enjoy it!… and Go YOU!

Here are 30 summer wedding dresses picked by  POPSUGAR. Click here to shop 🙂

Have a Magical Day!


Ask us your questions and post pictures of your wedding wear below, or to our Facebook page. We want to hear from you!!!

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