The Printed Pant: to wear or not to wear

I get it….as a style obsessed society, we do our best to stay current in an ever changing fashion world. But how do we know what we can rock and what we really shouldn’t leave the house in? Take the currently very popular printed pant…. floral, animal print, paisleys and stripes. It’s not like this fashion phenomenon is new; not too long ago in the 80’s, popular rap artist Stanley Burrell was rocking what we now call the “Hammer Time” pants.mollyringwaldpants And Molly Ringwald made faded pastel floral jeans all the rage when she wore them in Pretty In Pink. So like most popular styles that have graced the 20th and now 21st century, the printed pant has come full circle. Which brings us back to the original question; what’s the right printed pant for you and how do you wear it?

With all the crazy prints coming off the assembly line these days, it’s hard to know what’s what. But I have narrowed down two prints that will not only work well for you, but will also transition easily into a conventional wardrobe. The first of these is animal print, already a well established pattern worn by the big cats of the wild. An animal print is excellent way to spice up a boring outfit, and can easily be paired with a chambray blouse or any other neutral top (black, white, brown). Personally, I love my animal print paired with a black sweater and black booties 🙂 Rocking the animal print pant is edgy and says that you’re not afraid to shake things up; they always look better in small print and in a fitted form, like a skinny or a slim leg. WARNING: Animal print captured in the form of full-legged trousers or paired with crazy tops can be ostentatious and overpowering; keep it simple.

That leaves us with plaid, a print that doesn’t need to make a comeback because it’s never really left the fashion scene. Originating in Scotland, plaid (or tartan as the Scots refer to it) has been well worn and well loved by golfers and punk rockers for many years, keeping the pattern from fading into fashion oblivion; chances are you have or had at some point a pair of neutral plaid dress trousers hanging in your closet. Plaid is a wonderful fall and winter print, and usually graces some runway in its most popular form of Royal Stewart.royalstuarttartan Unlike animal print, plaid looks great in all cuts and styles, and is just as chic in a skinny leg form as it is in the form of full-legged trousers. A wonderful day-to-night print, start your day in plaid paired with a solid tee-shirt, jean jacket and cap toe flats. As the evening approaches, switch to stilettos and a black blazer (black velvet’s the best!) and layer on some jewelry. All in all, plaid provides a chic look that can be worn again and again, and can be switched up for endless possibilities.

Now that I have addressed the two main patterns of animal and plaid, that leaves us with a couple prints to discuss. Floral is huge, especially right now as we enter spring and summer. I have no problem with floral as long as it looks new and fresh; the aforementioned Molly Ringwald looked great in her floral denim in 1986, but wearing that print or a print similar to it now will only date you. Stripes are another pattern to grace the pant runway this season, and much like plaid can be worn in any style or shape (provided the stripes are vertical). Chevron, abstracts and tie dye are all wonderful, but have an expiration point; I wouldn’t invest in them simply because next season they most likely will be out of style. If you already own one of these patterns, I say wear and rock them now. And that leaves us with the polka-dot. In truth, the polka-dot is my favorite print and will not doubt always come back around. If you have some polka-dot pants, wear them with pride!!

To conclude, there are a lot of printed pants out there, some a little crazier than others. I understand it can be a little unnerving to try an unfamiliar style, but you can do it! Start with the basic plaid or animal print …or if you’re really gutsy pull on those polka-dots! If you have a print I haven’t mentioned feel free to comment below or post a pic to our Facebook in your pants of choice! I would love to hear what you think of this current fashion trend!!!! Let me know!


2 thoughts on “The Printed Pant: to wear or not to wear

  1. I love polka dots and animal prints in skirts, but haven’t taken the leap to wearing them in pants. Why does that seem so scary to me? Idk

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