Are you Sure you Want to Wear that…..?

Do you have a fashion “guilty pleasure?” What’s in your wardrobe that no matter how old, out of style, or horrible it may be, you will not get rid of it? The comfort and love that you have for wearing this piece will never separate you. Whether its a white tee,  a ripped pair of jeans, or outdated dress from the good old days, we all have our fashion “guilty pleasure” that sometimes make us feel the most ourselves.

Personally,  my “guilty pleasure” are Hanes Mens V-neck undershirts!

hanes v neck

They are my “go to” comfort piece. They are light, tag-less and you can bleach them if they get stained or… just call it tye-dyed 😉 I always have 5 or 6 floating around readily available to throw on and relax!

No one can deny a “faux pas favorite,” a wardrobe is not complete without one…..or maybe 2 😉  As long as they are worn with discretion, these things all just add to our ever so unique personal style.

What is your fashion “guilty pleasure?” Tell us here or post to our Facebook page. Why not include a pic of you wearing it?!

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Have a Magical Day!


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