Family “Jeans”

This past Sunday we all celebrated our mothers and how blessed they are to have such glorious children in their lives. O wait, I mean how blessed we are to have them in our lives…. right? Anyways, amongst the “blessings” we get to enjoy quality time getting together with family members catching up, reminiscing, and enjoying a beautiful brunch and all the beloved meal has to offer (Seriously brunch is amazing). Its funny how your family ties connect you in ways you don’t even realize. Many times family members tend to like the same things and make similar choices and although they coincide, they are still unique individuals. In fashion, my sister and I often buy the same things even though we live hours away from each other and rarely get to shop together. We will often talk about our recent shopping trips and what we bought or liked, and almost half the time we will be talking about the same pieces at the same stores. Its funny, we are so far apart yet so close in thought 🙂 This Mothers Day we both showed up wearing a button down denim shirt. All the rage this spring, it is the perfect versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. You can pair it with anything having, fun with color, pattern and accessories. This encounter proved to be true this past Sunday:


My sister (on the right) wore her shirt unbuttoned with a bold color underneath and white denim crops. She chose  a neutral scarf and gold dangle earrings that accessorized and added texture to her look. She put together a polished casual, fresh spring look that worked well with the rainy day and unexpected cold weather…. It was hailing! The short sleeved spring flower dress that I had planned for the day seemed irrelevant at that point which lead me to plan B, the button down denim shirt. I wore mine tucked into a long black maxi skirt cinched with a camel braided belt and mint green double strand necklace, another “go to” this spring. The casual shirt paired with a long skirt creates contrast but overall the look was laid back and comfortable. The same piece, totally different looks, but both amazing! Not to mention the models 😉

We had a beautiful day with all the mothers in our lives. I am blessed to have a family that is full of love and support for one another, and are always happy to be together. I loved to see that our family genes tie my sister and I  together in more ways then one. The different take on the denim shirt was fun to see and a comfort to know that although we are much older and at different points in lives, we are still unified in taste :).  Have you ever had a similar style experience with a family member? Tell me about it!

Have a Magical Day!


3 thoughts on “Family “Jeans”

  1. I may not know much about fashion, but I do know that the two of you look beautiful! Maybe you can help a less fashionable friend out and give some tips for guys as well!

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